I will introduce the science resources that have direct application to my model including describing what is a model of models and how this model differs from standard deterministic / empirical theories. Cellular automata processes have been used to explain how given a set of rules processes evolve, and I ask the question: given a dynamic process in holographic "space", what CA could be developed in a representational space that would generate the process. This would explain how the illusion of Fate or Karma emerged!

General systems of levels of resolution produce the structure that ties together my model, fractals, Chakras and so much more! So what is General systems theory and what are the many examples of levels of resolution?

Within my model using the cosmos,

the idea of putting the earth in the place or orbit of the other planets can be that kind of computational fuzziness. Then the grammatical placement of the planets by viewing the heliocentric position from "As If" positions create past - future tense and views / biases as left and right and centralist.

It may be that the planets in their phase angle show a procedure for laying down stacked holograms and re-accessing, but also change the amount of interference or spread versus location and image?

How are the products of each computation combined? It can be by the studio of the mind where the emptiness of certain complements is filled in by each interlocking computation. The emptiness is being at a certain base dimension as topological whole number, whereas the computations are fractal between dimensions. It is like a TV weather man who by wearing cloths of a specified color without a pattern can be projected on a map background. Thus each area of computation can be separated by being in a different dimension.

I intend to explain fractals and cellular automata [CA] in a non mathematical way in the rest of this chapter, along with other mathematical ideas of systems theory, Chaos and self organization as they pertain to my model. These ideas will also be used to describe possible scientific realizations of traditional spiritual disciplines and introduce new definitions and models of human nature in a global and "cosmic" context.

First Cellular Automata since there are many instances of the use of cellular contexts in everyday life. One could consider a chess, checker and GO board and its set of rules as cellular automata. Each square is a cell and it either has a piece on it [is occupied] or not. Each piece has a different neighborhood depending on the rules by which one can move that piece. The streets of a city may be a cellular automata to cars and a different one to pedestrians. Solitaire and other card games also have this structure.

The automata part refers to what I call rules that are closed or determined and holistic. Thus using checkers on a checker board would be a CA if the next move involved all the pieces and squares. There would be at least 64 black and 64 white checkers available since in a CA the entire board could be covered completely with a single color. To find out the complete state of the checker board on the next move, each square would be examined by the rules and would either be empty or have a white or black checker. One such rule that would apply to the entire board would be that if three neighbor squares, including diagonals, are occupied then the original square would continue to be occupied, and if more than or less than three were occupied then that square would be empty the next time. The edges could also be conditionally stop squares or continued at an opposite edge. As one varies the rules from 1 to other numbers up to 8 neighbors or rules about color, different patterns would emerge from the same start pattern.

This could also include a pattern of shifting rules where the rules are different at each turn and vary according to a "higher" set of rules or meta-rules. Also the shape of the board could vary from squares to triangles to 6 or other sided places. There can also be shifts in the size of neighborhoods as the way a chess pieces can move. There can also be any number of colored pieces or other identifications such as shape or smell.

The operation on the whole board at once is what I call a holographic process or procedure rather than linear or rational. It is also self organizing and self referent. Thus the board itself would be a hologram if it was very large and the start pattern was repeated somewhat like the pattern on a tiled floor. The size of the tiles are the coherent source and the interference pattern is repeated throughout as the pattern on each tile.

This is somewhat the reverse of the procedure or problem presented to the brain/mind. Life is presented with a sequence of holographic moves, the same on each tile, and then life must come up with a set of rules which can duplicate those moves. We are given the end result and must come up with an origin. Then the rule can be stored as "memory" for use later to reassemble or re-member the pattern.

The cosmos of the planetary orbits would be single dimensional cellular automata boards when some coherent distance was defined, like the day and night cycle [black / white] of the earth's movement of ~360 degrees, and then "projected" or connected over all the planet's orbits. Other cells could be logically defined like the ~29 day of a single solar rotation or a distance of movement around the galactic center.

There is much more to CA than little I have presented here in the mathematical literature and on the Internet. For this topic and others I leave it to the discretion of going to other more competent sources. But there are some general kinds of automata whose approach may be helpful to understanding my model and spiritual disciplines. The most important of these theoretical mathematical devices is the Turing machine, which is named after the man Alan Turing who in 1936 proved that this simple machine is able to do any complex computation. It came to my attention because it is also an exact model for how a logic structure of life connection to the cosmos would work. The Turing machine is conceived of as being a infinite long "virtual tape" upon which can be written to and read from symbols [or language or pieces of holograms or whatever?] and then advanced forward or backwards to a new "square". The "pointer" that reads and writes on the tape can only use a certain alphabet of symbols. The process moves the tape, but in the cosmos, the tape and the pointer move. The operations that can be performed are recognition, stopping or completion, and starting. Other kinds of Automata which are dependent on or free of context exist. General systems exist that use "States" and transitions between states or paths. The general system that I find closest to my model uses levels of resolution. Another kind of logic introduced by G. Spencer Brown in his "Laws of Form" uses self reference, and deals with distinctions, calling, names, value, inside and outside, marks and more. I mention these new logics to indicate that one can generate logic and form and rules in many contexts, even mythic or virtual and spiritual contexts.