My model:

My model is not of influences,

but of built in 'structures'. Organic molecules and the genetic code is predicted to contain or be equivalent to a map of the cosmos. Further, that there exists a 'fine' structure (like a fractal or hologram) to energy fields of gravity or Kozyrevs' time field which acts as an attractor in the formation of long chains of organic molecules. This 'AS ABOVE SO BELOW' view has been around for a long time in most cultures and is consistent with all cultures' development of belief in a creator God(s) in heaven (made in image) and within.

To use understanding of connection with cosmos as science is to find a way to understand our unique connections. Thus we are not given answers, but learn how to discover the connections that went into creating our own life decisions. My model uses all the structures of the cosmos discovered in the last 400 years, while at the same time explaining why the previous structures worked for older cultures and showing the connections with these cultures which currently point to vital usable constructs. (past mythologies used as heuristic 'procedures')

The symphony is model

of the shared brain with many fragmented parts interdepending to make a whole.

In the context of the symphony, I describe this new and older traditional systems as "playing their single part" but not knowing the "full score", they generalize and project this single part onto the whole to fill a need for a global representation of "reality". Without understanding or knowledge of the whole, they use "divine assumptions" or other autocratic means to "impel" belief about the whole beyond their part. This process allows the faithful to ignore their own curiosity about the discrepancies between actual reality and symbolic "mythic" reality. These mythic realities that are created by the human nonverbal consciousness allows intended / willed psychological system behaviors to be "rationally" consistent. For example, in the Garden of Eden myth, the snake is condemned, which becomes the rational for controlling the lower brain centers of emotion and arousal, the "animal" centers.

Outline of "Levels"

that are fractally self similar and scaled. This self similarity is not strict deterministic, but has decision / computational spaces that are also fractal. Thus a fully deterministic structuring is the "lower" dimension and a fully random decision procedure at each "address" and scale of the fractal is the "higher" dimension. This is modeled in music.

The lower dimension of determinism is the cause and effect world: Cause and effect are very anthropomorphized. Made up to be in man's image.

And especially in using tools. You take a hammer and hit something, that's the cause and effect. But in the internal world there are different laws of connection like a rubber sheet. Action at a distance takes place when you pull it, stretch it. it distorts into a position where it's concave and you put balls in there, they start to fall down into the center. That's the way Einstein kind of conceived of space - time and gravity. And they called it a gravity well, like falling down this endless well where there's never a bottom. And space-time is curved, so you fall down this endless well with no bottom that's curved in an S type pattern and a little stretched on one side, like an egg. If you look at it from just a geometric pattern it looks like a circle or an egg, an ellipse. But if you look at it in the real process, the sun is also falling down it's gravity well within the galaxy.

This geometry has the same dynamics for our computational space called Mind. Being specialists, is known by it's being the easiest path of a geometry of mind, like a tunnel. If you jump out of the window here you wouldn't fall sideways is spite of the moon's or Sun's gravity. The cause is the shape of the gravity well and the effect is us falling in that well.

This metaphor relates to inclines or tunnels on a slant: it is "pulling us" in a direction, but we could choose other tunnels at right angles with no pull. The Sun moon, and Planets uniquely create the geometry of our computational spaces. This uniqueness is the result of our connection to a higher fractal dimensional number closer to the meta-structures that are generators for all species.

This fractal structure creates

"meta" models that are global to all other models.

[my model is a pattern for all other models of reality and personal existence. This was called metaphysics.]

The reason I'm bringing the galaxy in is because we're in the Christian Era, which is post Moses, and I think that introduced into our evolutionary calculations the thing of God. The God that we mostly know, in a real sense now, to me is in the center of the Galaxy and is a black whole. That's that huge pause thing. So we're aware of that, aware of the center of the Galaxy. It's almost like, "Hey, that's heaven." it has shape. the catastrophe thing, your line of the catastrophe. Or the ancient theory of reincarnation{END}

In the last chapter I introduced a great deal of "science" which I intend to tie into a model of the relationship or connection of life with the cosmos. I do not claim that the cosmos caused or initiated these connections, but that cosmic cycles and other structures are resources to be used in evolution, and that the life forms that made best proactive use of these connections created the best chance for "survival". Thus the way life forms that incorporated the real time cosmic patterns obtained a predictive leverage allowed their survival, while life forms that did not use the cosmos as part of their information structures did not have a synergetic basis of evolving from a single pattern / structure. The focus of this book and chapter is on structures used in human cultures.

My model uses and extends a traditional way of representation of personality and prediction called "Astrological charting". This involves arranging in a circle or closed geometric figure the Sun, moon and planets for the moment of Birth. This maps the heavens and earth and horizons onto directions on the paper: up is the mid-heaven, horizontal left is the Eastern horizon, right is West and Down is the center of the earth. These directions are further divided into usually 12 segments called "houses" and the Zodiac and planets arranged in their proper house by using a precalculated table or computer. Each planet maps different meanings depending on which house and sign it appears in and on its relationships [resonance] with other planets and houses. Traditionally 2 charts are most used, one for the moment of birth and one that is progressed for the present. Both charts include the "transits" of the planets for any moment under consideration, usually the present.

My way of providing charts assigns the traditional charts to the emotional midbrain and has developed many new ways of charting for other areas of the complete human. This includes different charts for the lower brain centers, the neocortex and different "systems". All of this follows from human making internal representations or maps, not only of our reality, but also of our sensations or inputs and our actions / behavior as output and solutions / answers. Thus the study of neural networks and science in the last chapter will guide and shape this model.

3 brains model

The human brain is structured into 3 primary regions: a activation system at the closest point to the physical workings of the organs and alertness, the mid brain of emotion, and the neocortex which is elaborated most highly in human development. The structure, called by some the reptilian brain, is located at the lowest area within the skull. My model has separate charting structures for each of these three structures.


fits with the circadian acupuncture rhythms of day and night energies. The reptilian brain is a map of activation energies, in Oriental medicine called "Qi", of the 12 meridian systems named for, but not confined to, 12 primary organs. This is a basic fractal generator of a scaled self similar structure that is the same for all animals. In humans it became the basis for the house system which is based on the time of birth. This is a fractal mapping of each day of the year onto each degree of the Zodiac as it rises throughout a single day.

In the lower reptilian brain chart, the Qi cycle is based on the circadian rhythm of day and night. Thus there is a single chart for each day that changes slowly synchronous with the seasons. Each day has only a small variation compared to the next day. In this chart the degrees of the zodiac that are exactly on the eastern horizon are calculated only for the 12 equal time divisions of the day and night. These are the 12 acupuncture hours when each of the 12 meridians are strongest. In this chart the Sun is always placed at the eastern horizon at dawn and obviously Venus and Mercury will be near the east and are excluded from any other position.

Reptilian sympathetic and parasympathetic
does not follow the logic of symmetry but of the unequal day - night cycle! This then may be the chaos from which creation developed intelligence by imposing symmetry.
By selecting ¼ of the total reptilian structure and basing the symmetry on the 2 angles of mid-heaven and horizon, a simulated or virtual chart can be created which ignores the other energies.

Spiritual does not follow logic and rational. Thus may be associated with self organization, creativity and perihelion and resonance. Rational associated with reduction of information, analysis, polarities, sympathetic and nodes.

Thus the MC of the nodes is win/lose and the nodes are struggle; and the MC of the perihelion is skillfulness to be shared and the IC is wisdom? The slow planet is analysis at the IC and the MC is fast of skill, but is the changeless points. All other positions are acceleration and deceleration as change: Yang and Yin or fire and water? The binary is everywhere! This heliocentric perihelion is maybe trigrams. The star has 6 or 12 positions. The cross has 8 and the Venus has 5 or 10? Each can be operated from nodes or perihelions?!?

The real time positions of QI relate to the real time cycles of conjunctions. If the attempt to rationalize by looking for symmetry is made, it looks chaotic. The opposite energies do not have opposite positions. The only opposite energy is kidney at the sunset / descendant / falling point, and its relation to sexuality as the start of darkness, and the adrenals as the point of fear? Dawn is associated with war and struggle and rising energy.

These are fixed structures connected to the cosmos. The Eternal Now or Absolute would be the oneness of real time patterns of conjunction Star of David and Cross, pentigram etc.

Spiritual as chaotic: Garden of Eden points to reptilian as spirit / energy / Qi with Lucifer being an Angel who has fallen, but is spiritual. Thus the structure of the Charts of MC as Gods, and the IC as fallen with the sympathetic as "purgatory". This is also the 6 realms of Buddhism.

The Qi as activation refers to Maddi material from U. of C. What are our interests, impressions, and how deep or long are we impressed. Here is trauma and the connection of "personality" or "self", that when the connection is broken one can have multiple personalities. There is also an anticipated or predicted level of activation for each model and situation, including one for novelty. This may be at the next charting level, but rooted here.


or mammal brain which is primarily concerned with our emotions. The fractal generator for this chart is the daily circadian acupuncture rhythm is mapped onto the position of earth at the moment of birth. This maps sunrise onto the Eastern horizon no matter what time of day the birth event actually occurred. This is a virtual fractal mapping and scaling from the reptilian brain to the emotional mid-brain. The virtual effect is that humans can have 360 different positions of dawn during one day or a mapping of a day for a year. In this fractal only the first 3 meridian energies / arousals are mapped by a symmetrical expansion to all four directions of the eastern, western horizons and the zenith and nadir. This "leaves out" the other energies, but it can be that other mappings include these other 9 energies.

In my charts, I include the opposite three energies as a generator for the mapping of the

"feminine principle" or anima

in a man's chart and the persona in the woman's chart. Thus the woman's persona is mapped as the evening and night energies of kidney, sex and hormones. Then in a woman's chart, the chart for the time of birth as the mapping of the dawn, masculine principle becomes the animus. The other 2 sets of energies may be explored at a later time based on Jungian research into archetypes. This is a directly usable expansion of traditional Astrological practices.

Symmetry introduced: rational

In this chart the first house on the eastern horizon is self similar to Dawn of the reptilian brain or Qi Chart. That Rising house is also self similar to the first day of spring of the signs. The symmetry of the equinoxes, where day and night are of equal length is also mapped onto the houses. In the Qi chart, the opposite houses are symmetrical only on the equinoxes. All other days of the year, because day and night are of unequal length, the Zodiac is not symmetrically mapped. This implies that "rational" mind cannot deal with this complexity. In fact we tend to only develop part of our energies in the course of normal cultural growth. The other undeveloped and hence chaotic and primitive energies are relegated to the so called "dark side" of human nature. A "refined version" of these energies is symmetrically projected and thus controlled by our primary energies. In acupuncture they are the large intestine, stomach and spleen/pancreas. The spleen is a defensive energy, the stomach a visual commanding energy, and the large intestine a control, judgmental, parental energy of rules. The relationship of this to the Garden of Eden Myth will be explored in the chapter on Religion. For me, it makes the myth into a formula of relationship within our brain.

Thus the complexity and chaos of the reptilian energies are smoothed

out in the beginnings of the development of intellect. The "Day / Night" of the reptilian chart becomes a transformation into the seasons and Zodiac of signs based on the sun's movement from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. This energy becomes the activation of the Qi of the front of the human body: the nurturing, communication and sexual earth energy. It is different than the mapping to the back which is the warrior, responsible shoulders and thinker head which is mapped from the constellations and heavenly energy.

I introduce the new idea that the names of these signs should be reassociated with the plant kingdom and not with the switch that was made 2,000 or so years age of applying the names of the constellations to these energies. The constellations which synchronize with the back as warrior, responsibility, thinking and assertiveness and alertness of the gaze have become a disaster when applied to the front as they have in the Christian civilization of Europe up to the present.

The points of "normalization" or start points for the reptilian chart are the horizons and for the signs are the first days of spring and fall which is when the sun crosses the equator. For the constellations it is the point where the earth's' orbit crosses the Sun's equator in the middle of the constellation Taurus and Scorpio.

What does this all Mean?

This is a map of how animals deal with their energies that humans are Stuck with! We do much the same things to ignore our complete emotions by creating rules and expectations that are passed down as tradition by resonance. We act as top dog or submissive in our social situations as a substitute for being responsible for our true reptilian organ energies which are part of our system of self regulation and self organization. This structure fits our connection with the signs and constellations from the high - low orientation in 2 dimensions. One is the cycle of the seasons as found in the Zodiac and the other is the high - low of the day - night cycle. In the West, this ignores the positions among the stars, yet projects these heavenly warrior - thinker energies onto the front nurturing energies: as if the bottom will be top! Thus we in the West end up nurturing with thinking, rules, planing and conflict. This means we must use community thinking, not self organization and responsibility of the heavenly energies. We have difficulty asserting individual thinking until the scientific age when Astrology was thrown out! Even then the authorized knowledge was taken over by the "scientific" community. I see this as different topologies of the midbrain or to put it bluntly our so-called human society is really the animal mind in disguise.

Another expansion is the use of the symmetrical chart to the so called progressed chart.

The birth chart of traditional Astrology includes the positions of the planets as they appeared at the moment of birth relative to the axis of the mid-heaven /nadir and the eastern / Western horizons and some division of the earth into what are called the 12 houses. The principle ways of dividing into houses are by time and space. In the time chart, the house cusps are assigned to an equal division of the time it takes for the nadir at the moment of birth to rise to the Eastern horizon. This time is divided into 3 equal segments and the projection to the other angles complete the 12 houses. In the space charts, the space at the moment of birth is divided up into equal 30 degree segments by line of sight or other more complex methods.

The lifetime path is charted by a scaled mapping of each day after birth for a year of life: thus the 20th day after birth represents a map of the 20 year old person. My symmetrical addition is a day for a year before birth as different qualities of life called introversion. Thus the introverted types of the intuitive and feeling types are contrasted with the extroverted progressed types as sensation and thinking. It makes modern sense!

At the top is the neocortex

which has its highest development in humans and contains our language centers. The third chart structures is related to the neocortex and the heliocentric or "real" positions of the planets and Earth from the center of the Sun. The points of "normalization" or start points are the planetary nodes.

In this chart, humans have internalized the midbrain rationalization of the zodiac so that the actual heliocentric positions of the planets become fractal generators for the use of language. Thus we learn and teach, control others and are controlled, influence and are influenced by language as symmetrical projection of the energies of the midbrain.

Thus, in the midbrain chart, the energy of self control of the first house is projected to control of others in the 7th, control in or of society in the 10th and family controls in the 4th. The lung and breath of life of the 2nd house is pleasure or where one places the focus of their energy.

Here, in the midbrain chart, we can clearly see counter projection

from the opposite bladder meridian which has lead the Western Astrology, with its lack of any real process model, to associate the 2nd house and its self similar sign Taurus, with possessions, which energy is the flight / withdrawal and stuck energy of the Bladder function of marking territory. The 8th house association with sexual energy is then clearly seen as either misplaced kidney energy or male sexuality of conquest and possession / territory.

[The Qi chart provides a coherent single source for an interference pattern which is also interrelated to the language hologram? Is it the hologram?]

[The various points of the star of David as self-similar by elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) can be self organized solutions that compete in lateral inhibition models / hypothesis to represent "reality". The various positions on a fractal structure are these competitors. They are also holographic positions. They are also self similar to other scales and levels of resolution. This is different than holograms which do not have scales. So can holograms be elaborated to other levels of resolution? Can neural networks also be fractals and holograms?]

Thus the fractal structures each provide a different solution from a different phase angle. This is a predefined set of solutions that are self organized and consistent to which the inputs are matched: Answers that look for questions.]

The second level is the midbrain as related to traditional astrology which is much expanded to include the personality and its polar opposite gender chart called Anima/ Animus by Jungian psychoanalysts.

The life cycle is also given a polar opposite as an intuitive "inner life" cycle.

I am currently experimenting with many other life cycle charts based on the bio-cycles of 23, 28, and 33 days.

Charts based on the planetary nodes and perihelions will be introduced in neocortex cathedral / temple.

I believe that the "drift" of civilizations is based on the movements of these planetary elements across hundreds of years.

In the heliocentric / neocortex chart,

the real positions of the planets are re-projected from a virtual earth that has moved forward or backwards in its orbit. This is equivalent to a model of past or future and is the basis for time binding higher dimensional structure of language. It is being able to look at a whole process or cycle from start to finish. Thus it is a meta-position to action and process in the real world. We project ourselves into the future or remember the past as part of a process. We divide processes into segments and allow / expect that these segments steps can be performed by a group. We then call a person performing a single step of a process a specialist. Humans are able to map these processes by allowing our midbrain maps to progress or regress in a virtual reality produced by language.

This remapping also happens when we fit the earth position of another into our chart. Thus we "shift" the positions of our planets as if viewed from position of the earth of the other person! This is a model of family processes or what happens when we go beyond the boundaries of the "stranger" to be a familiar person. We allow our planets to reposition themselves by resonating with the other persons view of us. This is also a model of learning and parental view. When the child reaches adult, they assert their own position from the earth at their birth. This is then not a rebellion or rejection, but a natural process.

The older societies which still practice extended families and arranged marriages, pass on a family earth position which is different than any individual. The advantage or computational leverage in this strategy is that generations of skill from every position can be passed on. Thus the children are taught skills that their parents learned by the grandparents, and the parents can be younger because their education is continued after marriage. We think of the in-law relationship as a problem, when in fact it is a vestige of an older system which has all but disappeared. Now the grandparents or in-laws are replaced by experts, therapists and sometimes the police and courts. Without the stability of the skills of generations, the so called modern family is disintegrating in divorce. People who want to be "individuals" and marry for love are actually reducing their chance for wholeness. They are resonating with themselves which creates a narrow view without empathy, and when children of different, non-compatible view come along, they have no skills in dealing with the situation, and neither do the experts.

These skills are coded in the brain as interference patterns without any holographic "object". The process is used and is the best storage method. During the generations of family skill generation, language retained the content or time binding of the pattern, which then became part of the public domain as culture.

These forgoing structures I hypothesize are connected with the lower and mid brain structures. The higher brain centers , especially the neocortex I correlate with the heliocentric positions of the earth and planets. These are the "real" positions, but in the new brain can also be seen as imaginary "if-then" positions by "viewing" the heliocentric positions of self or other from arbitrary "viewpoints" as if the earth had been moved to any point in its orbit. This "ability" is the basis of language and is only available in later stages of the evolution of intelligence when the other uses of the fixed points of the cosmos are independent of the real time fixed points.

With the heliocentric chart I can make a model of how others view us and how we view them and how each wishes to shape the other based not on the others inner self organization, but on how the planets are moved by inserting the dominant persons Earth into the others system, especially Mercury, Venus and somewhat with Mars, and even less with Jupiter, Saturn. This model also accounts for such things as how spouses tend to drift to resemble each other after many years of marriage. This also accounts for learning, passed on traditions of families, and parental narcissism that has come to light in recent psychological investigations.

Consciousness becomes Language by the development of mapping of the solar system into imaginary positions: what if, alter is-ness, what might be, what could be.

This ability worked in a new dimension of POSSIBILITIES / PROBIBILITIES, and used new logics based on sound; linear sequences. Thus also myth of Lucifer falling from grace (visual logics) after challenging god (as light) into the pit of darkness, (whatever) (wholes are never present in linear presentation) (ends no longer are known by beginnings) (starting from ends & working back to multiply beginnings). This break away is a metaphor for the relation of language areas of "brain" and other hemispheres which are epistemologically different. (difference of visual & linear logics){end}

Consciousness as computational space: When you perceive something -- when you see a wall, when you are driving and see other cars, that perception is constructed in the mind in terms of your operation. So consciousness is always a set of plans and a set of conditional things that you could do. In other words, mundane, ordinary consciousness, is continually constructed of sets of plans. Our awareness is actually blocking or ignoring this process in favor of the task at hand and our ruminations called thought processes. We apply probability?


LOSS OF TOUCH WITH IMEDIATE SKILLS. LANGUAGE AS PROBIBILITIES OF OUTCOMES WITHIN META ECOLOGY. WE CAN SWITCH TO ANY FRAGMENT (I.E. FROM BOOR, TO SNAKE, TO LION ETC.) BY NAMING: CALLING UP ALL SKILLS & PERCEPTIONS CONNECTED (ASSOCIATED) WITH THE NAME. This windows are the length of associations chain vrs. the here \ now skills. We are conditioned to not trust (have faith in the Lord) these skills, but to ignore them in favor of internal messages (like tape recording playback) form our parents & teachers & authorities.

Paradigm of human species as meta ecology as mapping from animals. fragmentation as human cultural evolution & effects. Dissatisfaction suffering & garden of EDEN. snake & "shhh" fear & squeeze self to immobilize loss / fall of touch with mother. Grasping holding creates subjective time. Fragmentation needs indexing / distribution of characteristics function.

{notes of 12/16 on language:

The evolution from word as repetitive abstractions of parts of internal representations. Internal representations are in three dimensions. Abstractions reduce the number of dimensions. Sounds take on more than a single sound sequence as one dimension. These fractals fill up a lower dimension in a fractal operator. The image is of three dimensional representations with dimensional cuts of three dimensions arranged in a dimensional phase structure. A tree, especially a Christmas tree is a model of this. A pine tree is a good metaphor: The trunk is the 3D internal image, the needles would be fractal operators that con reconstruct any place or at any scale the whole operation, the branches are a fractal of 2+D whose phase structure is a keyhole that responds to triggering situations having a precise 'fit'. In this metaphor the forest is ones personal and cultural history or time line. The varieties of activities are indexed by the individual species of plants and their reproductive spread pattern. Varieties refer to various emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, etc.) and varieties of landscapes refer to sensual modes (sight, hearing, feeling - touch). Trees were an integral part of the first horoscopes as well as fractal like human figures which seem to represent actions more than realistic physical features. FUNCTION OVER FORM. Thus cultural progress represents fragmentation and reduced emphasis on development as implied by organic growth of trees appearing in those prehistoric charts. This fragmentation is signaled by the arrogant categorizing of the efforts of early man as 'art' or 'religion', but never holy science.

The recognition of a sequence of actions when I am learning typing is mapped on the recognition of written words. When I see the sequence as a unit, not as separate letters, as in 'find the letters' then the sequence takes on the similarity of fractal as a measure of complexity. We feel a time line of composite actions. I will map these features on reading as seeing action of words as recreation internal representation. Isn't this like reconstruction of holographic images by creating operator. In photography this is laser which is coherent. Coherence maps onto regularness of fractals as operators.

These operators can be used at many scales, thus the statement that the word is God. This is time in more than one dimension when things happen simultaneously. Time in many dimensions is action at a distance simultaneously.

The beginning of human development is the shift of evolutionary pressures from a focus on individual behavior to group behavior. This appears now in the separation of tasks called division of labor. The 'primitive man' was fully functional: he learned all tasks necessary for survival. But woman, created from 'ADAMS' RIB', is a metaphor of the first division of function for the purpose of group development. Later divisions were of SHAMEN and weapons maker as human beings recognized that the group would benefit if those who excel shared there advantage with others. Thus interdependence thru specialization took the place of total self reliance as is found in cats and bears. I believe the process of specialization was facilitated by monthly fertility cycles creating the possibility of birth on any day of the year. If species differentiation is connected with cosmic cycles, If the ecosystem is a mapping of the cosmos, then this mapping process could be applied to the new emerging human group for assignment (mapping) of inclinations toward ones' specialization fit: what job is my life's work. This then is not an matter of influences but of a internal mechanism for selection of specialization and evolutional development, since cosmic cycles are semi-random. None of the planetary orbits are exact whole numbers.

This distribution of birthdays over the whole year tends to randomize the effects of one species and allow characteristics of the entire ecology to develop. The totem animals was an recognition of this development. Also child care was not a seasonal development that fit with seasons. Humans started to sever there links to TIME as a natural flow. We had to simulate summer in cold climates by developing cloths and shelter and fire. We could no longer count on births happening only in spring.

For this specialization to function we need an internal structure which allows a place for others preferences as well as our own. We must expect others to fill activities niches missing in us. We do not expect everyone to try to fill the same niche, thus we expand natural TIME by a process of random distribution.

We had maps of the outside world, so we were able to know the processes. The speed of Jupiter, the speed of Saturn. And we knew how that inter-acted with the earth itself. Well, I think the human species went to a higher level of abstraction when we made those maps of real processes, which the animals used, into symbolic processes, which allowed us to channel ourselves into specialties in a natural way disguised as our desires. So there was this sense then that people would just normally feel that they gravitated to a certain specialty. Then there was an ease of distribution as the culture became more complex. So one of the things that we internalized (brought the external world into us) was a map of the whole ecology. And that's hinted at, that's gestured to by the mere fact that we name our constellations after all the animals. The bull, the lion, etc. What this suggests is that, if there are twelve types that are like the animals, that doesn't mean that they have characteristics like a monkey or a lion or something. What that means is that we have internalized a whole ecology with spaces and slots for each one.

Humans structure time into past - background, present action and conditions, and future goals - desires - and avoidances.

These are seen as fast immediate or slow - long range, and as having various boundary or levels of resolution. Are the clear and precise or fuzzy. Are decisions made with little data impulsively or prejudice by labels or with more calm and clear examination from many angles. Are they pursued intuitively and naively or with great skill and care.

The true energy condition of the cosmos is from the center of the solar system

at the Sun, and not from the earth where the sun and solar system still "seems" to rotate around each individuals chart as if they were the center of everything. These geocentric illusions of objects in our "sky" are the basis for the weights in our internal representation of the "world of birth and death" as neural nets used for social bonding.. The object in Buddhism and Christian - Judaio , and now in American culture of "freedom - liberty -equality" and scientific "enlightenment" is to separate - nonattached from that "world of illusion" viscous separating connectivities destiny". Individuals miniature The structure of this individuation is first that there are many Charts: at birth different charts for our male and female personalities, for our downward, earth energies as the so called tropical "astrological signs" and for our upward light less dense heavenly energies as the sidereal constellations, with differing frames of reference from the 7 principle planes of orientation given by the inclinations of the orbits of the earth, moon, and planet groups for the competitive supervised cultural net structures. The conception also has a powerful chart as the beginning of spiritual life related to mind as heliocentric. This becomes manifest (incarnated) in the human mind as individual thought processes when humans transform the real time positions to conform to their birth position. This is as if the person was always looking at the solar system from a geocentric "every day is my birthday" This new ability of humans to see the cosmos as if from a static - unmoving platform is also used in close relationships and bonding (correctly called by modern psychology "fantasy bonding" and cathexis). It has also given rise to some of the ugliest of human phenomena: Philosophy and religion based on an unmoving mover: and other "absolutes" which give reason for some of the stupidest of human activities: WAR and IDEOLOGY..

heliocentric chart from the center.

New material: The heliocentric chart is actually the chart of the shared brain / mind. It is the oneness that everyone seeks, and the real center. It is the crown or top of the cross, the arms are the mammal left, right brain. The bottom of the cross is the reptilian brain.

The 3 conjunctions are like pure light: Before and after is like the shadings of black and white. The black shade before the conj., seem to be found there, and must be purified, and after the conjunction, it seems added by outside influence and must be guarded and defended or retreated.

Last nite - yesterday with astrology. Outer 4 planet and inner 4 as 4 elements - especially 4 outer? Uranus, Neptune, Pluto as always sidereal (since invisible) Thus tropical charts are mismatch with outer planets. (culture). Thus Uranus, Neptune are not available easily -?

levels of resolution and competing models.. New meanings of Planets. Includes colors.

Fuzzy - fractal systems, the I Ching and ground - excited states for the exploration of the human psyche.

The third level is the charts for language and the neocortex or higher brain centers.

This is the first model of language that has a correlation with the cosmos and gives a model of the shared brain and how culture works / operates. This level is based on the real time structures of the cycles of the planets with the start points being their conjunctions and oppositions and squares. These cycles have been pointed to for thousands of years embedded in the symbol of the Star of David as the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, The symbol of the cross as cycles of Uranus and Neptune, and the pentegram as the cycle of conjunction of the earth and Venus. These cycles belong to the realm of "fuzzy logic" in which the starting points shift relative to the midbrain. Thus during one cycle the first sign is located in Taurus, during the second in Capricorn, and the third in Virgo and they are not stable. This chaos is part of the complexity of society and the resonant structures of family generations! Recent research and traditional lore see children often bonding more closely with grandparents than parents, and my surmise in earlier times of extended families where childbearing extended from the 15 to 25 years, the resonance was with the great grandparents. Thus when children are born between the parents at age 25 to 35 it is the grandparents. This resonance is explained by the 60 year cycle of the star of David and not by any "signs" of personality.

The resonant structures

that are constructed in the chart of personality based on the date and time of birth are fractal scales of the star of David 60 year cycle and the other real time cycles of the cross and pentigram. The study of these cycles as fractals develops the idea of self-similarity in different levels of resolution or scales. This can be explored in precision by locating on the real-time structure exactly the address of the scaled personality.

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Is there a single structure from which all patterns emerge?

This has been the intuition and dream of most of recorded traditions using the label "God" or the "One Mind" or even less ambitions attributes as in "Brotherhood of mankind". The unity of all in one and one in all is approached in the scientific model of the holographic universe and holomind. Even the unity of the DNA code across all life forms on earth and the number of shared portions, not just between our closest animal "relatives", but even shared parts of the vegetable and single cell life is astonishing.

This chapter is an introduction to my model of the interaction with and connection of life and the cosmos. The target is to show how human personality and the separately located self has evolved as an address on an infinite fractal structure of the shared one mind. Human culture is seen as the total set of scales or levels of resolution of which each human is intended to occupy a single address in each level of resolution. This is on the one hand a fragmentation of our human wholeness represented by the entire structure, but on the other hand is a great leverage or tool with which to multiply to power of a single brain and share that power. It allows great diversity without species divergence which happened in all other species! This human evolution moved from hard to soft wired addresses: language becomes the extension of the DNA code to produce a virtual ecology of human skills. Humans accept the life skill as job or profession or position as a substitute for strict survival skills. Very few individuals in modern cultures are actually involved in dealing with life's basics. Yet most of us have no fear that we will be deprived of food or shelter or connection with others.

We have a place or social address in the fractal structure, yet there is very little crowding at any one address. This is because our connection with the cosmos in to a chaotic process which in a sense fills the addresses in a random way and when there is no more room self organizes at a new level of resolution giving a complete new set of fragmentations we call specialties. We create jobs! Yet the creation of jobs is the direction of evolution with roots in species diversification of DNA. I do not argue that this process is tied to the cosmos with strict determinism and cause / effect relationships, although before the industrial revolution when there were fewer addresses and levels of resolution, it seems "Fate", Karma and predestination were labels attached to a more stable and determined addressing.

So my model is not one of "fate" and predictions, but of freedom and uncertainty. These are necessarily "Fuzzy" logics of many fractals. Fractal structures tie together society and fractal processes tie together skills and life paths. Each life is an experiment put forward for the enrichment of shared human Mind. Even mistakes and failures contribute to understanding of dead ends and dysfunctional directions. This is the "natural" logic of thousands and millions of seeds and sperm produced to make even one new life!


<Maybe the 12 signs are related to as music - melody:

12 distinct melodies and categories of music by 4 elements. This would seem more "resonant" with a verbal culture than "pictures" or visual.