My model:

Sin without blame or guilt.

Fragmentation and incompleteness is what humans have accepted in order to be human. This is made possible by the use of language which allows humans to share our brain so that completion is the interdependency of the "whole" culture. The idea of sin recognizes this state of incompleteness, but is part of an incomplete or confused truth. The incompleteness is in the time domain / dimension. It is referred to by science as "neonatal", meaning that the human species has the developmental qualities of 6 month old, immature apes. This arrested development is possible because of the acculturation process in which language and the use of the neocortex as a braking system are totally connected. Humans "halt" their connection with the cycles of the cosmos by attaching themselves to a fixed point of time and freezing the positions of the planets to form a pattern that humans refer to as a "self". This is the mechanism of self reference by which we build / construct an interconnected fractal structure in which each human has a different address given by their Chart or pattern of the cosmos at the time of birth. In Western Christianity this is the focus on the Christmas birth of our inner self as the complete "sum" of all humans called Christ.

Thus when I accept my humanness I accept that I am a fragment of the whole and cannot mature or speak for everyone or get my model or writings "finished", since each moment will only deliver another fragmented viewpoint. Yet this is my model speaking: that I have only given a set of fragments thru the Eyes of my chart as an address in the pattern of human wholeness.

The religious idea of sin is a primitive realization of the existence of this fragmentation confused with family childrearing practices. The confusion of sin is with family structures of punishment and blame leading to guilt and feelings of NOT OK. This results in not being one's self with the needs of self organization at that particular address. All humans know how to develop their address, but they try to become "everyman" as if humans have a single developmental path.

There are many dimensions of addressing for different process system structures. The primary ones that I will describe are of the three brains: Reptilian or Qi of action, Mammal or mid-brain of emotion, and neocortex of intellect, language and internal models. The galaxy address is the interlocking species of evolution address of the "spiritual body" and crown chakra of 1,000 petals which is 1056 partitions of 10 dimensions and the 20 turns of the DNA![?] It is the "completion" of all life forms and the fractal generator of computational spaces of Mind. I hypothesize that the names of the constellations are taken from the movement of the solar system within the Galaxy: The Arrow of Saggatrus points to the center of the galaxy. Cancer the Crab starts the sideways movement to the direction of flow which is in Pisces as the 2 Fish moving in opposite directions. One as the direction of the solar system and the other as the direction of the Galaxy. Aquarius is pouring the water Down after having reached the Zenith in Capricorn of our movement in the local star group. This is the mountain top goat high and sea bottom crocodile tail in one axis. Scorpio throws its tail over itself as the planets reach the point of crossing ahead of the Sun and accelerating with the tail (planets) moving faster than the body (Sun).

What is language dimensionally?

My model introduces a developmental process by which maps are created of procedures. Maps are symbolic representations which use fractal self-similar scales. They are in a slightly or fractionally higher dimension, and in language the dimension is time. Language represents or models processes taking place in time. The developmental process of language uses the heliocentric positions of the cosmos and will be described later.

Do language maps represent anything like gravity or light beyond human structures? What is the meaning of the self-similarity implied between God and words in the Gospel of John? My answer is in the work of Korzerief. He proposed a energy structure to time where there is a "empty gap" between a cause and the effect that must be overcome for the effect to take place. This could be a similar description given in religious contexts as an eternal Now: a place where nothing happens without the will of God. In fact this is a definition of the "Will of God". This "will" has structure as the Word: as a map of the process. Thus language may be part of this inter-dimensional structure of the relationship of time to events in space. The imagination or thoughts of God become reality, which is another way of saying that self organization has a structure that I call a computational space.

Resonance and self-similarity are part of this process of a language map becoming reality. Thus thought may influence actions and actions that are about to "happen" may generate resonate as thoughts. This is the study of parapsychology which is not described or developed in this book.

fractal holographic "sundial" like viewing a tinker-toy [lego] construction

Humans consider their thoughts as personal actions and constructions, when in "fact" it is like viewing a tinker-toy [lego] construction. This analogy is used because of the connectivity and disassembly properties. Another property of thoughts [or mind] is as a fractal sun dial: whichever angle it is view from changes the outcome, just as the sun "projects" different readouts as it changes its angular distance. This is one of the basis of the procedures revealed in Astrology, where persons "view" [readout] reality from the stationary [stuck] position given them at the trauma pain moment of birth. When one enters the empty point, one must leave this casual structure [the self] behind and enter "no-self" where seeing into the direct face of reality is the only "condition" or assuming any form or structure is possible, by just viewing mind as a fractal holographic "sundial" reveals all possibilities of that moment. Thus, all time patterns emerge by just changing the viewing vector: which in astrological terms is equivalent to changing your sign. And this is the process that has been incorporated in human learning and social relationships in a pseudo-deterministic way. We bond to parents and later significant others apparently without choice. Thus the most effective "power - strength - meditation" is non attachment and non projection. The Christian idea of love as bonding [like the baby Jesus] is a far cry from the more subtle god - goddess conscious receptivity to the viewpoint - vector - sign of others, by which I allow myself to view mind with different vector angle sign and change my connectivities. This develops into compassion as empathy, which is the skill of vector change. [If this seems vague, join my classes for complete understanding from the perspective of your life experiences]

This "One Mind" can generate many patterns

of which prior evolution "assigned" each different pattern to a different species, with the complementary set being their "environment". Thus each individual contains structural information that links them to their whole ecological system: living systems are not isolated accidents whose only cognitive processes are about individual survival values.

The single pattern which contains all patterns such as the fractal sundial, the "solitaire" game spread of cards which originates a basin of attraction of procedures depending on which card is the "global" start card, or heliocentric patterns of the local cosmos

that are captured in biological structures and can then changed by symbolic movable earth or other planets in the heliocentric point of view. The solitaire position of the level of resolution can be altered by altering the size of the stacks or the end state. This is a case of self organizing positions which generate deterministic sets of procedures as the "way to solve" the game by putting the cards in sequence. The order of the sequence becomes the attractor. Thus the set of connections is the sequence of possible moves. Other transformations are possible such as rotation of the bottom card to the top, or rotation and translation by bottom card to top of next stack. Thus the procedure solutions are imbedded within the entire pattern and become available when presented with inputs. The input or request for a solution would be the "global" start card and the set that matches the correct path to "order". The final order could be called entropy because it has minimum information, or if the disorder can be seen as stress, then the sequence of moves is framed as stress reduction, and each shuffle is a set or pattern that has "learned" stress reduction or recognition of an input. The competitive aspect is then seen as the winner take all of the sequence of procedures that lead to complete order "winning" over the procedures that lead to "dead ends". The max. winning strategy is the introduction of the "free" piles or the use of self organization using free piles instead of determinacy of "following the rules".

The neural nets as a digital fractal sundial can be a metaphor for consciousness:

The inner states that learn to respond to an input by projecting the result as a shadow on a surface, yet can from the same pattern project a different result at a different time, measured in discreet quanta, is the experience of consciousness. This means that the awareness of a complete environment is like the single digits displayed in response to our focus on some environment. This "response" is constructed from the learning that has previously taken place, and is constructed into the structure of the fractal sundial. Information as procedures involving the person and their environment is the sundial's inner structure and what we call the "self" is the light and the experience of the result. As the phase angle of the activating light changes, so does the resulting answer. Consciousness is the experience of this totality of possible solutions contained in the sundial as well as the particular questioning intent and "thought" response as the shadow.

This metaphor relates to n.nets in this way: each layer of the digital sundial interrupts the incoming light, and passes it on to the next layer. Another and perhaps clearer metaphor is of a hologram. The hologram is made of interference patterns in the phase space, and if these interference patterns are to be found as cycles in the time domain, then the resulting objects would be procedures. That is procedures encoded by encoding the steps by connections with a coherent cycle. The output would be reconstructed by the same coherent cycle. This would be a direct involvement of the cosmos in consciousness. This level of process would be cycle dependent, whereas human consciousness is cycle independent. Thus this may be more our emotional animal consciousness and the sundial as more a metaphor of the single pattern human shared brain consciousness. Thus the transform from an analogue to a digital sundial may refer to language. Humans becoming the light or God like may be the freedom we have in doing procedures at any time independent of cycles and "natural" motivation. This is the distributed system, as any angle is accessible by any human, and each angle produces a different orientation to "reality" as distributed work - specialties.

>The point is that each moment of awareness is constructed of a set of ready to go procedures completely available for employment. Humans feel they must decide or think of action, but this is a secondary process analogous to changing the phase angle of the input light on the metaphorical sundial. As I will explain later, thinking is also a perception process, and not independent of total life systems as often modeled by those who see humans as some independently superior creature "above" the animals.

The awareness of our surrounding space has precalculated components that we "take for granted", namely: front / back, left / right, and up / down. Our consciousness then "locates" objects in terms of these dimensions. This process of location is called a zero dimension cognitive process. Connecting or defining a single weighted relationship between one or more one objects and one or more separate other object is a one dimension cognitive process. Defining connections between sets of one dimensional relationships is a two dimension cognitive process which produces a surface with attractive basins and repulsion highs. Defining a geometry to these two dimensional surfaces is a three dimensional process. An example would be the mobius strip relationship between what is seen as our male and female side. Our cognitive processes are precalculated within the same congruent dimensions in the visual and/or social spaces. Since these "spaces" are "there" we accept them as reality even though they may have predefined attractive basins built in as preferences and so called heredity.

Combination of n.nets, levels of resolution, neonatal and consciousness:

N.nets level of distinguishable vectors have a certain phase angle. if the distance is smaller that the phase width of the input, the inputs cannot be distinguished - separated, like words that sound too much alike. The metaphor is like a rotating electric fan with one blade, and a strobe light. The rotational distance traveled during the length of flash -/ on of the strobe is the phase angle. The length of flash is the size of consciousness. The recharge time or off time relates to the time necessary to process the input. The process can be a rotation of a phase angle of multiple moiré like patterns of the base hyper dimension of the This is like the fractal - moiré patterns of the I Ching. This is a computation of the that is a scan of a holographic interference pattern of procedures. The larger the phase angle, the more detail.

This is the psychic situation when humans began to be fully and permanently upright, and lose the 4 dimensional world of Apes as their 4 hands.!!

These "dimensions are like independent co-processors with the "fingers" as registers. The registers for one "hand" are thumb and power set of fingers, which is 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 23, 34, 13, 14, 24, 123, 234, 134, 124, 1234. Does this include the empty set? Thus humans moved from a 4 dimensional world by first creating "time" as past, present and future: which broke the real left - right symmetry of time patterns. When a space symmetry is broken, the path - walking turned into balance, which is not needed in 3 dimensional space of trees!!!!!

<>Thoughts arise from an energy surface

. The emptiness and watching thoughts meditation will be introduced. Thoughts are the result of this time pattern. They arise from an energy surface of a fully connected net (including neural) which contains the cosmos, and reptilian brain, and are another form of perception of this energy surface landscape that we experience as ourselves, but really "belongs" to the entire culture and language group.

In the lower dimension there are fewer phase states available

Thus rational mind organizes the work in a way which loses an entire dimension. The soul and spirit and mind are all meta levels of orientation!

The pendulum pattern reveals itself over millions of years.

This is because the drift of the locations of the separate base vectors or "zero" orientation points which are part of a planetary orbit or the direction of movement that our "sun" is taking in reference to the whole galaxy, takes that long to make complete rotations to the same spot.

[ The lack of synchronous dimensions in culture results in uncoordinated duplication, with each subset trying to expand to the next "line" or dimension slice.]

Since these orientation points, which act like dimensions, are not synchronous systems, one system tries to "take over". It maps all the data from the other systems onto itself in an all or nothing manner. The present Zodiac is such a single system "acting as if" it is the entire system that is being used by life processes. In fact, as mentioned in later chapters, it is the system of energies having to do with the nurturing front of the body, but it is named with the real star groups called constellations, which correlate to the backbone - thinking - fighting processes. This has resulted in applying fight and flight procedures to nurturing circumstances [dimensions] and visa-versa. The tropical zodiac would more correctly carry the names of flowers or plants or gardens, etc.

Thus, rational mind tries to prove that other dimensions do not exist, as in the present situation in western schools. Thus "equality" becomes a disorganization factor which inhibits 'mind" from higher dimensional organization: everything must be set in an equal frame, reduced to a lower dimensional frame.

Feelings are dimensional syncs., which orient humans or signal that an event is violating [anger] or have perfect alignment.

ADDED Journal Material

DECEMBER 27, 1995

Hologram of other data and dimensions. Of time: we think of past and future at any moment. This is a holoprocess. Looking at the solar system from any view is a holoprocess. Thus right or left ology [right wing] or liberal / conservative etc. are fuzzy structures and holoprocess, and we separate ourselves. If I can "see" from all perspectives, I would have a higher dimensional hologram.

> The 12 meridians can be treated as phase structures which encode different holoprocesses. The cusps of the charts may have a phase shift catastrophe process: like shifting to a different stacked picture. Example was the 6 skulls at the Museum of Science and industry. Move from side to side and different skulls appear that are "Recorded" at different angles. I see that procedures are recorded, not "pictures". These are the holoprocesses of access to all the steps at once as is allowed by language. This is a holo-memory or meta process to memory that is sequentially coded: where I am not aware of move #3 until I have completed move #2. I have experienced this in instrumental music performance.

> I see rock and roll music as exploring texture as sound consonance: it has roughness or smooth by distortion. Do holograms have this quality and of course coherence is smooth and resonant. Thus resonance is coherence and harmony that accesses and the content is the consonant rough complex sounds.

JANUARY 6, 1996

Words and language are at a meta level above action. This means that it [this level] is fully connected to ALL time as a holoprocess or a next layer of a fully connected neural network. Thus we can have "self awareness" as this meta-level in time and space.

Enlightenment is a meta-level above this meta-level. It is seeing the connections of the previous meta-level that creates a Self. This is the level from which God is aware just as the previous level is self awareness. Here the level of machinery of the cosmos looks and acts like multiple arms of a CD ROM. On the level of animal, the arms are hard wired like Jim Anderson's dedicated computer with burned-in programs in E-Prom that look at data also in E-Prom. The next meta level is Disk drives that can access any data, but cannot change the CD ROM. This has self awareness that humans can have full access to the Data and Write once. The next level is aware of all the CD and can change programs. The next level of enlightenment can program, Read other CD's and Write twice. God was seen as the only holoprocess that could write or the writing was transparent as Fate. Humans are self aware that there is a procedure called self, but not that it is written. This is the very symbol or meta level of writing!! The next level sees that it is a program and a programmer that is self organizing!

DECEMBER 12, 1995

The difference between Chimp and human vocal tract is that chimps can only produce vowels or resonance. We can break up sounds with "noise" and chaos as interruptions or maybe space between words and ideas. This is a subtractive fuzzy fractal logic similar to the I Ching.

TV show on language and chimps: a chimp baby died, and a adopted substitute was provided. The chimp baby rejected the new mother and slept apart until fear caused them to bond!!

DECEMBER 13, 1995

Worship as "fall on your knees" may have sunk to political groveling, but in its first impulse may be acknowledgment of oneness with all creation and other animal species where the back is aligned with the heavens, and the belly with the earth. This makes Jesus on the cross more of a submission gesture that animals give by lying on their backs and exposing their throat: offering their life to the other. So can the better view be of Jesus offering his life to the shared culture, dying to himself and arising in shared "spirit"?

DECEMBER 18, 1995

Note 12-15

The Imaginary plane of electromagnetic fields is the invisible world of the spiritual plane. My friend said that the sq. root of neg. numbers is going nowhere at zero!! It is orthogonal to ordinary space: a fuzzy place of mixed signs in another dimension of fractals!

This is where neural nets as fuzzy systems shape and operate in relation to holoprocesses! This increases our information storage by allowing magnetic or other places to exist. (What??) The holoprocess is dealt with by a ruled patterns that are directly pointed to by the I Ching. The resolution of the rules allows pattern recognition in the phase space.

The resonant points of the progressed chart may create minima. These may in turn with other solutions create false minima or erase others. Anyway, the nature of the energy surface is between functions and not solutions. They appear on other dimensions. They lose their connection with only one function.

So how is every solution fed or connected by many functions? Reality seems supported by many levels of resolution. The ruled I Ching as binary patterns that recognize a hologram are themselves coherent, and thus do not need reference source.

Don't forget the invisible dimension of spirit as "nowhere" of imaginary or fuzzy reality!?

Holograms can be in the time field of Korzriev consisting of cause / effect densities!!

Thought as in the imaginary realm of stopping the world: neither neg. or positive. My friend called it "getting nowhere in the space orthogonal to zero and the world of action.

> Mantra is a repeated sound that lowers blood pressure! Why? It is resonance! It is also excluding other competitive thoughts. The sound brings phase alignment.

> The human shared brain is one hologram with "Selves" as different phase alignments. The self organizing "Lower" brain gives us a sense and illusion of uniqueness and "Self". Sensation is of fractal smoothness and complexity / rough and of other analogue measures. Form gives us the first "location" in the hologram of lines as periodic gratings. So do we first pick out periodic gratings from the hologram. The processing of viewpoints or phase positions from the culture hologram means that it is a higher dimensional interference with not only all locations at one point but also all viewpoints and perspectives at one point.

Emotion is a viewpoint! Fear is one direction and courage the opposite! These "dimensions" make up energy sheets as with catastrophes. There are 5 dimensions as the 5 elements of computation or states. They were seen as states of matter as a metaphor, not as reality.

The alignment of phase angles as I told Sandy is like being separated into each function in its own phase. Out of phase is like part of one having jet lag so that too much is active at once. Thus my liver is doing the work of other times and other systems and ignoring its own system!

Seeing no-self is seeing that my thoughts and paths are phase views and other shifts in the hologram from my possible patterns. When I see the possibility of phase views I can reframe as phase shift and not by tied to a single "personality and way": I have choice and freedom and alternatives.

DECEMBER 28, 1995

A Hologram processing a hologram is an iterated process. Recursive universe. The results are fed back to the process. Layers that are fully connected process other layers and the answer is the weights. Arrived at by CA rules?

>Fractals are resonant structures: self referent

Is the pleasure center as associated with mars a indicator of amount of resonance and since resonance has survival value, pleasure is scaled and self referent as mars divides into a cantor fractal dust?

Is Buddhist rule against desire also against pleasure or just sensual pleasure. Is nirvana the most global resonance and pleasure changed to resonant tranquillity and bliss.

DECEMBER 29, 1995

< Use Van Boole? monk material for reference: This is what many consider spiritual connection, so what is the theory and background for this and other spiritual "Stuff".

>Fluctuations of the solar system that make it chaotic are the very structure that builds life. Totally stable and regular structures cannot contribute anything or any change as in the book of changes!

DECEMBER 31, 1995

Nirvana is the intelligence of the pleasure center and cannot be seen except by non-attachment to looking for pleasure outside self. It is an index with levels of resolution of resonance and life affirmation.

Pleasure as related to subtle pleasure of bliss means to move to my work as pleasure and not as duty! So show that work and duty need not be dry and without pleasure. Do not resonate with pleasure and fun / enjoyment / joy is evil! This leads to denial of life!

"What are you looking at me for?" implies that we be anonymous and we look at the role and duty, not at the person.

>Physics and Hamalitonian and Phase space is a holoprocess representation of what I mean by consciousness and what it gives us as information, but also over time!

JANUARY 1, 1996

>Impermanence and change are perturbations of a chaotic living system. The reason this comes up is from the developmental leftover of the infant need for stability! Worship of the infant "jesUS"!

>>The chart is a write in one direction as the progressed chart and this is the human meta-level! The enlightenment level is the write in both directions as the regressed chart with the "Goal" not as death where one becomes "Stuck" at a particular progressed point, but conception as self organization! Getting to the goal is conception and the meta-level of past lives!

> the elements of earth - air -water -fire are partial connections like Local TV or radio. One can tune any station but the programming is preset as birth sign. The Qualities of mutable, Cardinal and Fixed are like the connectivity of National networks! Which have Prime time or high resolution complete networking that connects over separation boundaries of Square and opposition. The programs thus have acted as signs! Thus to old Astrology is taken over or replaced by the new programming of the "Partridge Family" or Bay Watch " or which ever "Soap" becomes an "involvement. Comedy is more the meta-level set, probably of the mutable type, with action as the cardinal: and the rules as the fixed? But no longer attached to the signs as Astrology knows them! So how are the elements? As characters in the shows?!? Thus each show has different types playing the action role. And the same with comedy. Thus there are 4 action, 4 rules, and 4 comedy plays?

>Coherence is lining things up in time: That is the basis for holoprocess and is what is the link with computations.

JANUARY 7, 1996

>Swearing as in "God Dammit" is rejecting the permutations of self organization: the small changes in chaotic systems. So it is putting down myself as self organizing. So I must [can] be aware of possible fluctuations as all rules and systems "Drift" and wander if I do not remain responsible for development and change.

Thus attachments are rejections of self-regulation and self organization. Thus Nirvana is freedom to be oneself which is not other determined or dependent. Thus Art and the creative person moves on their own path. It is a taste of Nirvana as self resonance and self reference. Then from the point of inner resonance one can choose to be resonant with others. Art is necessary in humans because we cannot self organize our DNA, so we self organize the Human / World hologram.

>Heard report / discussion on NPR at 10:35 am about electrical activity of the brain as self referent resulting in mystical experience. This is when the same patterns of the brain are fed back to the brain, at feeling of God, eternity and other mystical experience is reported by the recipient / subject of the experiment. When it is fed to one lob, fear can result and the other lob - pleasure. Is this Mercury and Venus as left /right? I didn't quite get the name of the research, but can get to NPR.?

JANUARY 9, 1996

Reading a chart is looking at the planets as centers of resonance. Each day / year of progressed and transits resonates with the birth chart. Sq. and Op. reduce resonance.

>The female chart and maybe the signs start with Venus ruling the first house and Saturn the fourth. These may be the true rulers of the signs with the traditional rulers of the constellations still being the same!

>The houses and signs, but especially the houses are self organized at different levels of resolution! That is the message of Astrology! There is not a common integration in - of - and for the brain. Each area or context self organizes around its level and the logics of that level.

>Venus organizes half truth or the skill to disregard and not see the other resonant half.

> Path dependency: follow what is well known and common rather than what may be a later improvement or better way. This is illustrated by Apple and Windows, by the better typewriter key arrangement that came after the current arrangement of keys, etc.. this may mean that I must address this issue in regards to changes in science and religion and Astrology!

JANUARY 22, 1996

>Seeds scattered over many contexts is the nature of persona or self! the contexts are the charts as directions and each human grows in different cloths or contexts or charts!

>The 4 impediments to becoming a man of knowledge of Don Juan are fear, clarity . They are 4 images from Mercury! Which has 4 exaggerations and incorrect ways of thinking.

>Koryzbski said dimensions of time as time binding! Look it up!

JANUARY 23, 1996


To Who

it may concern:

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Stumble along - toward the bright

Meaning full ness - eled in the arms of intellect -

or is it buffeted by the wind of time?

But why continue in the tunnel?

To get to the other shore?

And isn't that just on the flat of things?

The shelf of Mind where time machines are stored?

The heart: just another machine:

cut it open and insert new wires?

Maybe the other shore of before

is just as flat and machine-like!

So go to the top of the mountain:

thru your own tunnel - or is it a ladder?

Even that has so many steps.

Proscribed at regular intervals of machine-like certainty.

Just be - at the top - it is a choice of stopping time.

Time: regular intervals of machine-like certainty.

Does doG know the ladder of time?

Climbing to the end of certainty?

Or is it a dream: going from the goal back to the future: beginning? Resonant with the ages of beginnings all in the Now.

See from the top of the mountain - where the tunnel is invisible.

Do you miss that focus of vision - surrounded by the walls of certainty?

Do you long for the embrace of the enclosure,

ready made by centuries of Resonance?

At the peak

Everywhen floods in on the winds of light.

Yet all coming from within:

a geyser of rainbow-man or wooman:

be-longing to none -what springs from within.

The tunnels of a rainbow: each direction a different color.

But we are specific persons: in specific tunnels of a single color.

Which make invisible the Word written in ink of that color.

Resonant with myself, yet invisible to me: ineffable.

Only from the complete light of the top:

The white of completeness. Or is it black of wholeness?

The jewel of self: crystal of personality

only separates into a tunnel of homochrom.

Coherent beat needed to create myself: hologram book of Mind.

Is the end of the tunnel a mirror?

And we make the most progress going backwards -

appearing smaller and smaller as we progress?

When "I" disappear I have exited.

But then the light at the end of the tunnel is gone.

Disappeared from the mirror:

the light reflected was me!

"I" so miss the homocolor that I look for another tunnel;

not wanting to reveal myself in the wholeness: hologram called "Mind".

"I" want my feet on the ground: the flat shelf.

Looking for the correct space for my book of self.

The space cut from the rock by society: when?

How old are the spaces for my book?

Accepting only certain shapes and making the rest invisible.

No space for books not bound in shapes accepted by the tunnel of

"beat to the rhythm of time".

Climb away on the rocks of uncertainty.

Chaos of dimension where the next grasp

can be any size, direction or distance.

Shapes are free in the fractal one and a half of all life.

So resonate with the "free" of the higher power:

the dimension beyond rock-and-roll's regular beat.

Free to jump: who knows, maybe the top is within leap.

JANUARY 24, 1996

Don Juan's 4 problems of fear, clarity, power and tiredness fit Hitler in that he conquered fear, maybe with his childhood and beatings. He had clarity about social systems and he got power, but he was defeated by power.

JANUARY 26, 1996

Defraction gratings can focus white light holograms into their component frequencies. The solar system can be considered a giant defraction grating at dawn, sunset and mid-heaven, with the daily movement of the planets and moon as the line width. Thus each planet focuses different frequencies!

> The Asc. [East] is the edge of the grating opening and the Dec. the other edge. The Mc is the name or time binding!

JANUARY 28, 1996

Hunter vrs. farmer: As intelligence moved from hunter / gather to agriculture, the move was from alert fractals to regular rows and continuity.

> Neural nets use fuzzy logic which is really different levels of resolution beyond the Yes/No excluded middle of mars/Venus. Thus fractals are fuzzy dimensions and fully connected spaces whose dynamics are solutions. Thus gravity is the dynamics of curved space-time. As a force it is Mars, but as a curved space it is a solution. Objects do not fall or are manipulated by other objects, but the total connectedness of the objects curves space in which movement is related as the objects connect to the space in which they are found. Their unaided movement is a solution to the connection space called gravity.

Since space is contained by and within dimension, then movement within a fractal dimension - space is a solution to the connectivity and resonance of that space. This fractal space sets the limits and energy of our "being". The interaction of levels of resolution within other levels or spaces within spaces may be what is seen as Fate. A space is a set of connections which is also a hologram. Light moves in all directions in space, but if some directions did not exist in a fractal, then light would only move in that space connecting only those points of the space. So what would a hologram in a fractal space be like?

The solutions as the property of "Force" of a certain space" seems" fully free within that space, but the space itself is limited. This would fit with or explain why humans had the experiences of "God" and a higher power: we saw a space of a higher power going to a fully connected next dimension of complete freedom. This is the evolution of language itself as in the time dimension and as meta time binding.

This is also the explanation of effortlessness! The seeing in the space of computation just like seeing objects in visual space: the is no effort to construct these objects. Only when I hold onto or attach to permissions and rules of I'm not OK is there effort involved, and this applies to how My friend sees things: its all an unwanted effort.

<N.nets function as "data in rules out". The rules are the shape - structure of the space!

Light or resonance that fills space has levels of resolution and shows the shape - limits of intellect. We cannot see below certain levels, not due to light of visible wavelengths, but to human computational space of manipulation and movement. We need microscopes and telescopes to "transcend" our spaces and expand possible solutions. Dogs cannot "see" TV because it is outside their "space" and level of resolution. They do not have the rules or mapping with which to "see" the meaning of the images.

End new material

The 2 dimensional slices of a three space are a fractal subset of the 3 space.

Any 2 slice is controlled by the global points of the slice as an energy surface. This slice is created as the fuzzy placement of the power subset. This means that the set of five emotions in its power set of 32 expanded to 78 tarot can represent all the personalities possible in the human species, just as there can be an infinite number of 11/8 sheets of paper on a room sized slice.

The fractal algorithm that controls the phase angles

of the pendulum and its fuzzy movements in a orthogonal direction are also defined by the power set of 2 and subsets of the subsets as fractals defined on fractals. Thus I have described the evolution of personalities coming from the power set of 2 to the five. 2 up6 is then the situationality of the higher dimensional person. [ This material belongs after the information about fractals and I Ching.]

The I Ching as a fractal shows properties of rotational symmetry when the structures in multiple scales or dimensions are divided into coherent structures with a definite unmixed boundary between Yin and Yang lines. This is illustrated [figure 1?] as a progression of yang lines until the "hexagram is all Yang followed by the symmetric and inverse process. When the entire power set of two or any dimension is included, [fig 2] Then a interaction is seen of the Tia Chi spiral symbol. I call these cyclical elements ground states and the mixed groups excited and messenger states. The correlation with the way the atom and electron shells build themselves has not been pointed out in any other source that I know of. These patterns also are a digital representation of holographic patterns and of neural networks and fuzzy logic! Long before these mathematical ideas received expression I used this entire set to model the computational link between the cosmos and life forms. I have extended the ideas originally introduced in the Taoist I Ching, but then that does not detract from the power and intelligence embodied in this system for thousands of years. Yet most scientists dismiss this as connected only to mere fortune telling. What uterus! But then European and Asian civilization is filled with such examples of cultural arrogance!

As referred to above, Genesis refers to the first act of creation as the separation of day and night. This production of coherence structures naturally develops cycles and rotation / spin as well as fixed points of phase space. These structures produce cyclical or modal number systems and fuzzy intermediates which may be how living systems approach mathematics. This shows that the natural number system used in mathematics of the "reals" and imaginary which include rational and irrational systems may be an abstraction or figment of imagination and have no connection with the way life builds itself. for instance, in the number system of the hexagrams, the numbers progress from 0 to 6 followed by -1 to -6 as represented by the counting arithmetic of mathematical numbers. In this fuzzy system the numbers +0 and -6 are identical, as well as -0 and +6. If the brain uses these structures, they may be more similar to dimensions and fractals and could be applies to the mathematical number system as dimensions of signs of numbers. Thus the counting number 12 can have a + or - sign, but not a +- sign at the same time, but that is exactly what is done with imaginary numbers which we now, in the last 200 years, find are necessary to model electromagnetic processes.

"coherent source"

There are many metaphors for the "One Mind", one of which is "holographic mind", which can clarify many of the brains properties: functions are distributed, they can be layered by phase angle and frequency, they need a "coherent source" for creating the original structures, and output functions of different sizes produce identical information of the whole at different levels of fuzziness of resolution.


In neural nets, two principle structures contribute to the understanding of the kinds of models humans make of their world. They are bi-directional resonance between the "layers", and lateral competition within layers for which "function" will "win" and thus be allowed to learn. The winner then inhibits other functions that are "distant" and reinforces those that are "close". In the first case I can group such behaviors as tradition, worship, trust, love, harmony, synthesis, creation, construction, and cooperation. In the second case I see competition, ethic cleansing, analysis, destruction, oppositional bonding, rebellion, and control.

The difference between Chimp and human vocal tract is that chimps can only produce vowels or resonance. We can break up sounds with "noise" and chaos as interruptions or maybe space between words and ideas. This is a subtractive fuzzy fractal logic similar to the I Ching. It is also the use of coherence and resonance. Thus there are a set of about 6 vowels in human language that are broken up or interpreted by consonants. I can see the power set of 2^5 which has 22 consonants and 10 symmetric ground states of resonance. What an experiment it would be to develop Language from this by using self organizing CA procedures in a computer program! I feel that language is recognized by fractal signatures, and here is the clue for further development!!

Dimension: human computation of two dimensional internal maps of black and white with one dimensional moving objects that have speed and acceleration from the hunter / predator brain. To the 3 dim. map that has depth and shape and color as static objects like fruit that are gathered from a background. There is no hurry or time as movement and flight: one just approaches and knows which are ready to use / eat.

This is a complex background which is simplified by color and shape: most fruit are smooth compared to the foliage and background, as if the plants do it that way to make them easier to find by reducing complexity. The study of complexity is more a hindrance for the hunter, who tries to keep things simple and straight forward. Here speed and sharpness / penetration is important.


Microsoft is developing software which "anticipates" the next move of the person. CPU's have memory for next instructions. Humans want to know the future because they have a global attitude in language development which has expectations built in. If a person is identified as a particular sign, then certain things are "expected" and prediction is thought possible.

Thus the holographic structures fit with the need for phase angles to differentiate computations. Also levels of resolution structures are naturally available by using the different orbital speeds of the planets as a single system. I have traced the intuitive names of the planets back to these levels of resolution, which can also be defined as fractal scales. From these real time structures have emerged cycles based on fixed points such as the seasons or the nodal elements of the solar system. This would have happened as life forms emerged from the oceans to evolve on land where the seasons have meaning. But the primary cycles are based on planetary conjunctions [alignments] in real time which are free floating and self referent.

More advanced information processing operates on the first information structures which are holographic. One of the properties of holograms is a base or zero vector / start point. Thus the basic elements of the solar system offer many base vectors. The structures that most interest me are those that relate to neural network competitive and data separation structures.

The first real time pattern which divides a coherent source into phase angles is the star of David dividing the day/night cycle into 12 parts and which is the Qi and reptilian hologram. This is 12 organ energies in a holoprocess which differentiate by phase.

This pattern is then applied to the year as signs and to the earth as houses related to the front energies. The houses split the energies into front / earth and back as heaven since when mammals first evolved we had our bellies / front to the ground and backbone facing up!

This system was then transformed to use the start point as the moment of birth, which mapped the Qi cycle of the organs onto a virtual reality called "persona".

My description of myself is as an artist who consciously channels what was or is channeled in a trance. I offer the same to others by concept therapy or freedom from hindrances. PRAJNA PARAMIDA

The main question is how did the heliocentric pattern become encoded at birth? how much information space is required? 3D? 4D?.

Since the old brain is aware of space/time patterns, it must be aware of heliocentric as base. Then it follows that human evolution developed a higher dimension which was able to take multiple slices of lower dimensions. The first step would be Adam and Eve as integrated male female. In other species, the male cannot behave as a female. The next set of slices is the 12 types of the zodiac as a mapping of slices! The metaphor of the fan as phase angle manipulation explains same. The next set of slices seems to be either 36 as 10deg. divisions which would fit the introduction of the Jupiter / Saturn Star of David cycle as mapping from 10 years to 10 degrees. This would introduce fuzzy logic!