[Buddha and religion chapter on modern understanding of holoprocess generating friendly rules [Dharma] to connect with respect and no infringement: Thus interpret religions as to the problems with this function.

The task is to provide or change the present "politically correct rules of society" from split and fragmented to synergetic as holoprocess. Synergy will mean connecting the holographic level with the human rational level. This comes directly in the chapter on healing and psychology. It is a reframing of much that is already present with the addition of deeper and synergetic understanding. Synergy is about connectedness.]


1. Global meta position as an open space.

2. Synergy and connection with science.

3. Problems with societies needs embodies in religion. Christian and Buddhist.

4. Solutions and openness. TORI [here?] New religion of science and psychology.

5. What is left out that my model provides: clarity / enlightenment of seeing a real fit and definition!

Society and culture is driving away backwards from synergy and the holoverse.

Neural networks and holoprocess and imaginary dimensions and fractals define religion as projection of mind and brain. No comment on "Reality"

Place of morality and rules

Christianity and monotheism [Judaic and Moslem

Taoism and pagan, mysticism and new age.


Modern science as religion: spirituality of scientific method and math as relationships.

Goal reached of non attachment.

Recognize modern culture as moving toward synergy with computer and network and breakdown of "physical locatedness"


Religion is first a orientation of humans that transcends their daily life and tasks. It includes statements about the universe, cause or creation, inclusiveness of something beyond our understanding. What part of human evolution brought out this attitude? It doesn't seem to appear in other animals.

My basic model of human evolution is that language allows us to Share our minds in a way that can be described mathematically as equivalent to being within a single skull. This step allows us to transcend the limitations of self organization to form cultures that can learn and pass on knowledge outside of our basic DNA "hardware" and beyond mere imitation. We can interact in an interdependent way that allows specialization. The very nature of language is to create meta-structures that encode time. This opens a new global computational space into which humans moved.

We filled this empty space with ourselves, by arranging the perceived objects of this global space into maps that reflected and resonated with our internal structures. We projected our minds onto the universe. This is not a new idea, but has been clearly stated by all Buddhist teachers [masters]. What is the present task is to show how modern science is also embodied in religious thought. In the next chapter I will make the case that science has taken on the role and function previously given to religion and spiritual quests / inquiries, and that in many early developments, science has also fallen into the anthropomorphic projection of the human mind onto the universe. Thus making the universe appear as their politics wished it to instead of allowing it to show itself for what it is.

Ten years ago, when I first started this writing project, I tried to construct a model which is very global:

"Unified Meta System:

All proteins, cells, `brains' and societies are organized with the same logics as found in Neural nets: connectivity, `weights', and layers (or fractals).

Evolution (DNA) is multi-emergent in which individual species are generated from a meta-pattern which is present in all individuals. This meta-pattern is divided into two operations with distinct logics for each. The first logical part generates all functions necessary for the biological operation of the individual. The second logic operates on the entire pattern as cognitive environmental operations. Each individual contains the source of information which generates the rest of the ecological system. Thus the structure of plants and all other animals are included and coexistent with the functional operational plans of the individual and its' behavior. (holographic mind as neural nets) A precise model of this process is the human cultural activity called `Music', in that patterns of organization called `tonalities' (variously based on 7, 5, and other combinations of notes) exist within the meta-pattern of all 12 `notes' or a continuum of frequencies. Additional models are found in `Mandalas' which have fractal structures and digital sundials where different input angles can result in different output shadows which block inappropriate behavior. This is a structured inhibition or sculpting of input which results in simultaneous outputs. The `answer' illuminates which behaviors are possible as a response to the situation. We experience this space of possible behaviors as consciousness. Humans insert `language' and supervisory `ego' between our internal representations and our `actions' by `naming', `labeling' and objectifying fragments of our consciousness. This insertion is `in another dimension to' the unified `stream' of input, and representation in an output space of consciousness. But the usual idea of flat surface (2 dimensions) to which we construct at right angles an additional 3rd dimension (like nails in a board by which we attach `objects') is a inverted human conceit that our language function is a `higher dimension' to ordinary consciousness as instinct. Language is obviously constructed in a lower sequential space to `consciousness', and consciousness is in a lower dimensional space to the meta-pattern as operating in information spaces about our environment represented by the digital sundial metaphor. This meta-pattern `generates' or constructs connected networks (neural nets). The `process of thinking' assembles or connects elements (words) into temporary nets, the symbols and sounds that we call language being the outputs of these nets. The `original consciousness' also has a thought-like output which we call `feelings, will-intention' of which our `thoughts' are linear representations.

[ We land animals evolved from a ocean where boundaries are not as definite as experienced in a world of light and vision. Boundaries are signaled by chemicals in the ocean as the blood of a total organism that we now name `ecological system'. Each species `breaths' the blood-water to participate in the experience of the whole. Their place of function within the whole is like the function of some group of cells (organ system) within their boundaries. Human societies have the same connected structure relating to the `ocean' of interconnected skills - roles - jobs that we call culture - language. This culture has the same mathematical `shape' as the meta-pattern as digital sundial. Only different `phase angles' illuminate which nets as roles are generated. ]

The `brain" is organized in a parallel manner: as self operating in a cultural environment. The neural nets which are the self, relate to `left brain', language, archetypal roles and `time' as personal `history' which organizes the connectivity of the nets. The `location' within patterns of multi-cycles provide the starting weights of the nets. (the weights are in phase space)"

Now I want to outline some of the ways that religions and cultures as maps emerge from the structure of our minds as outlined in the last two chapters. This is intended to create connections that support past human intuitions. Then I will introduce some problems and difficulties in religion based on the same structures.

1. Religious worship emerges from

the activity of the neural networks of the brain acting in BAM's: as bi-directional resonant layers of associative structures (called bi-directional associative memories by neural net theory). Thus any thought/action structures that act in resonance over time (traditions) behave like religion, and this includes modern science, and technology and image making. Political systems are a prime example:

These various systems have ended in name calling, and exclusive associative categories which fragment the unity of the source as human structures. The argument over who is correct in their thinking and presentation covers up the exploration of many directions. For example, Astrology has not evolved, nor is it considered a possible source of the DNA code, yet humans intuit a common source for life and a link with all life forms. That link is usually seen as cosmic and timeless.

2. Concept of God

There are so many new ideas mirrored in the generic descriptions of God: All powerful, all knowing, present everywhere and creator. I do not wish to be involved in particular exclusive sectarian positions that is unique to any religion, but that in itself seems to align me with many statements and contrast with other statements of exclusion. With this in mind, I refer to the interlocking triangles of the previous chapter, whose completeness is three resonant positions of agreement and 3 of opposition, which point to a totality of complementarily. [See book "Conscious Universe"] I also refer to exclusiveness as a map of a normal process / activity of neural networks called All or nothing competitiveness in / using lateral inhibition.

Holographic mind is a good model of all-knowing omnipresent spiritual beings. Another model is the total human species as a fractal structure wherein each individual "self" has a particular address. This interdependent whole allows for specialties of work and cultural tasks to add up to complete functions. As mentioned before, the one mind as a map shared by all humans is also modeled by the places of worship as temples, etc. The creative aspect is modeled by the new ideas of a self-organizing Universe. The aspect of the "Word as God" was described in my model as the time field which is at a higher dimension of strength indicated by its single power drop of strength relative to distance, whereas the EMF drop off is the 2nd power which indicates a lower dimension. All powerful at each point of space is modeled by the "Big Bang" which emerged out of the energy of "empty" space. Thus the time field energy available from the "big bang" would still be very powerful and would account for the spiritual / psychic "world". [I will not explore these areas in this book.]

<Order and ordered systems having global rules was the goal of the Idea - concept of God: a being who originated the laws which keep things running smooth as clockwork. This idea was continued by science, thus the search for proof and laws of the universe.

NOW I can describe random systems which produce their own laws, order and uniqueness. NOW I can model unique systems whose sum seems chaotic [Shiva], but is innerly congruent and consistent. [or at least wants same] There are even psychological models based on inner dissonance and resonance.

The total energy surface of the neural networks of the human neocortex is another model of "God", where the individual depressions or locations of this map are the "self" and personality. Thus each individual can know their own location and the location of others, but does not "know" the entire global energy surface, because each location / viewpoint "re-maps" the "depressions" from that viewpoint as modeled by the heliocentric positions in the last chapter. This energy surface of personality is a lower dimensional "slice" of a higher dimensional surface that maps the culture and the ecological system. Thus the personality or self is not independent of the entire global surface of which it is one of many "solutions". That is why the human "self" is powerless: because it is part of a system, only one of many "depressions or attractors" on a culturally defined and shared energy surface.

Here is a metaphor that illustrates this point:

"Culture is like driving a car, facing forward,

but stuck in reverse with no rear view mirror. Up till school age, we drive in a serene country side, at a cognitively determined pace. (only as fast as we can process information and in our self originated attention vector) At the start of school, something throws our car into reverse and doesn't tell us. Everything starts to recede, we cover old ground, but with a different perspective or frame of reference. We look around and find others doing the same thing: we are on a expressway and accelerating. But we have a guide.

We continue our forward driving sometimes in our `play', but mostly in our dreams. About 12 years old, we begin to figure it out, or at least suspect that everything is in reverse: that we have entered the great highway of culture. Where all progress is directed by analysis of experts and heroes that have gone before.

The longer we are in school the more our goals recede. We become witnesses of a landscape that we no longer participate in or organize or involve us. We only get involved in our place as the space between the `cars' that surround us.

We must allow everyone to find `forward and drive' to be able to continue on the journey of evolution,

and not just ignore self - organizing unsupervised behavior as `Art', Dreams, and the work of Buddhas. (The `driving backwards' is a metaphor for the essentially inhibitional nature of the neocortex in relation to mid and lower brain centers or `inner child'.)"

>religious dogma are context free programs that are accepted [requires FAITH] by old mammal brain,

but have little rational content, so the rationalizations built around them is "weak"!

Buddhist service has same two stream as male female side, circle as completeness, mythic chant as compact, "mature" command sets and refresh of esteem of inner processes. This includes the room behind the Buddha as direct easy access to evolutionary - natal stages [non-language]

Buddhism and Christianity: religion

The pattern of the "original" human as Adam is the compete pattern of wholeness.

This is not a mystical religious "fiction", but the real sense of a totally self reliant human who has not become whose procedures and functions needed to be self supporting have not yet become fragmented and distributed into specialties and preferences. The interdependent activities of a modern culture have not emerged. Adam does not conceive of others doing anything "for" him/her in exchange for something of "value". This knowledge of value can be seen as emerging from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil". The symbol of the apple is one of symmetry. The idea that Adam was "made" in the image of the cosmos is also not inconsistent with the original myth. God as creator who "made" can be structured as "self organizing construction". The first "words" or language spoken was an inhibition or request for self control: NOT to eat of the fruit of the tree of the "knowledge" of good and evil. The "fruit" results in shame and complete naive activity turned into fragments called "work". Included is a stated relationship with the reptilian brain as "cursed" to crawl on the ground. This is a horizontal dimension which can be seen as the sympathetic nervous system of vigilance and "fight or flight" predator structures. So what is rebellion against self organization? Is it being "influenced" by other sources: giving into fear states? The influence is not direct, but comes from "Eve", who was "self organized" from Adams rib. So this "Eve" is not the female of the species as is so often incorrectly interpreted, but Adams internal image of female which Carl Jung called the Anima. Thus the original "sin" has nothing to do with women, but with the original split of the wholeness of consciousness into a self and a map of the other. Replacing the real human person with the map and acting "as if" this map were the real person and then blaming "woman", as the object of the projection, for ones action is the "sin".

Symmetry of the "apple"

Cycles of arousal [QI] in the organ systems. Mapping of this complex and "complete" energy ecology of a whole "Day and night" onto a single moment of birth as a simplification that allows information reduction. "Men" spend less and less time involved in the "reality" of life such as food, connecting with family and "health as inner states", physical activity etc.. This "self" is a "mask" - personality, protection - avoidance - armor. This "self" owns objects like a my "woman", my job, my children, my home because the self is itself an object to be owned and controlled. [Thus the relevance of modern "object oriented " computer programs like "windows" and C++.

Biological systems create complexity by symmetry breaking, and modern science looks for order in a rational universe by looking for symmetry as unified systems. This search for symmetry destroys the information of more complex asymmetrical - handed bias systems. Today the "woman's movement" is another destruction of information of the male/female asymmetrical structure, which is not a polarity. Polarities are created as symmetrical projections, not as true information.

Human self awareness arose as multiple levels of resolution became available to consciousness. This is the logical sequence, as distinct from being aware of procedures as multiple steps resulting in specialization.

Additional support to this as the "primitives" procedures of human consciousness, namely symmetry creation as information destruction allowing multiple levels of resolution at the polarities. Thus, the projection of a 12 fold daily QI cycle onto a single moment of birth, made a transition from reptilian arousal of "heat of the day-night" cycle to the arousal to color as the linear frequency symmetry breaking as mythical stated in "LET THERE BE LIGHT". The color tests of Luscher and the color vision of our family "tree" show this transition from seeing and recognizing good and bad "food" objects by color which are stationary, to recognition of persons by their "colors - cloths" This suggests that the hunting Zodiac of animals is related to movement and black - white, and the comparison tropical signs is related to color and plants - fruits- gathering: a flower garden of the signs. Dance and movement and male emotion would be perihelion, and comparison, intellect, music and competition for scarcity as the nodes. This creation of scarcity or plenty is part of the reduction of complexity "primitive" of human consciousness.

Normal culture and "control":

The base vector of human culture is the extended family. How is it constitute? What are its goals? What must the individual "give up" for its success"?

Earth may be "shadow" or other half rebellion of Eve's apple.

Thus the use of the heliocentric and the development of language comes from symmetry operations of projection and is the ability / skill to construct procedures independent of the cosmos as represented by the symbol "God". Eve as a symbol takes on an "as-if" life of its own, since the n.nets that this symbol points to evolves and self organizes. Because of the "split", the persona is not in contact with the self on the other side of the boundary of the division of labor [between man and woman]. This division into "the two" was continued as a fractal scaled mapping. The "two" is a one dimensional cognitive process as explained elsewhere.

Symmetry and projection: the Apple.

The Yang and yin cycles are left and right handed relating to the convergent and divergent - diversity and resonant oneness. When "control" is introduced, "Yin" is replaced by a false yin which is a oppositional dependence projection of Yang. This is similar to the "Eve" created from Adam's [yang's] rib. Thus yin is seen as the submissive or compliant as when humans allow themselves to become subject to dominance by "others" or outside supervision. These "others" emerge from diversity that is feared as symbolized by the snake. Integration happens when one participates as an equal within "diversity" by disentangling the emeshment or attachments as codependent relationships. This extends to not only other persons, but also to work, possessions, activities, mood alteration, etc..

The next level of control comes from the replacement of Yang self organization by a mirror of the mirror Yin. The yang is condemned as the rebellious "devil" - serpent" which was inhibited - suppressed until the renaissance in the West. This oppositional bonding to Yang and fitting to Yin as obedience - control reverses the conjunctive resonance - oneness of Yang and the Oppositional competitiveness of the diversity - separational energy of Yin. The "true" yin/yang is the sharing - cooperation of single cells in a multi-cellular organism.

This avoidance of left-right cyclical numbers as states allowed the abstract infinite counting numbers of positive and negative. That this absurdity seems so common and rational is a indication to me of how far my language brain is from "Absolute Reality" as the Hindus call "natural systems". This infinite counting is the start of the inflated "ego" and inflated processes, where limits do not emerge from structure. In this sense Numerology treats numbers as states, but without the basins of attraction and excited stated.


C. Hunter / gather mentalities and gender bias.

Present in monotheism, Fate, Single solutions and one self - personality - role. Present in science as narrow proof and difficulty of packaging. Only "male - focused intellect" is valued, not the "in the moment shallow" shopping and gathering what fits together. Not valued unless it is new discovery.

>Monotheism perverts everything into objects thru the normalization process.

These words are actually living evolving creations, which are sentient beings, and we make them into things to manipulate. I see these inner persons as alive and powerful and I want to communicate with them and invite them to wake up. I won't abandon them to the internal criticisms of undigested - unexamined shared authorities of culture. Those of me that are resonant with authority - Capricorn - will resonate with the rest of us first and then lead authority, now try to join - be a success as approved by authority. This old approach was how I handled things when I was an authority as principle Bassist: me against them! I'm OK, Your Not OK, and let's see if the i' becomes capitalized. So my model of success is my interaction with B., not that B. expects me to use an unsuccessful old outdated model: I want her to help me clean-out more that my closet!!!

>Monotheism has caused considerable damage

to the human shared network. It has given the image of one god as one master personality, which means all other master personalities "must" be ignored or projected. Integration becomes impossible. I had a dream at 4 am that I was giving a lecture to other theologians, and 2 of them were upset with me. These were part of my master projected group. Their existence in my dream was the significant item. That we can have all these personas is also the message of Astrology. This monotheism requires to share too much sometimes and for some persons. I am the flamboyant one of the group, but other people project their creative part and cannot relate to me.


<The problem of inflation:

making myself more than human comes from the idea of all powerful God as image of Man: namely the Ego

The culture of the Adult Child:

Jesus the son and God the father. Enlightenment and the mature mind: infant bonding attachments do not form mature relationship networks, but are part of all or nothing neural nets. Since Self Origination Mind is in all directions, it does not matter what is assimilated first. The task is to "see - feel" the real mind in each experience, not to "study" what others say it is. This total experience of "knowledge" produces interconnections which slowly emerge as "Buddha Mind", since Buddha is not a "hero - person", but a real - now - time connectedness of fragments of consciousness, called products of culture (work), into a coherent whole. This is an integrated synergy of traditional and modern, such as understanding Buddhist psychological and "mental" training as homomorphic mappings on specific areas of modern psychology as detailed below. Because each endeavor was created to solve different "problems", the "problems" drop out and what is left is a clearer understanding of the structure of "Mind". The original endeavors seem changed, but only insofar as they were `bonded' to the problem. The best illustration is the problem of `influence'. This was traditionally described by the single total system of Astrology, where as today it has split into two as environment or heredity. The traditional solution was `religion' as Buddhism or Christianity's freedom or salvation and Islam's' acceptance of the `Will of Allah'. The modern solution is some kind of `therapy'. The synergy is in the understanding of the difference between cultural and individual neural nets and their ability to `store' unexpressed feeling - mind, even over generations. These stores are indexed by an `active' information indexing using cycles of earth and the solar system. Thus we are back at `Astrology', but not as Fate, Karma or influence. After these attachments and counter attachments have been released, understanding of the extraordinary abilities and connectedness of the biosphere and the cosmos can begin.

The vampire myth [of drinking the blood of ready made answers. Same as preprocessed consciousness?]

is that all human culture is a passing on of pain and dysfunctionallity. The drinking of the blood is a metaphor for culture which serves up ready made answers just as blood contains all the information and nutrients already manufactured by the liver and other information endocrine organs. This is also a metaphor for consciousness, which contains all the procedures necessary for performance of the images as result - answer. The liver - brain - heart are then like the empty space of cause where the blood is manufactured, and the vampire - Christian is separated from participation in creating their own reality, but must drink of the reality of others as culture or as significant others. Thus, in the goddess - god magic practice the empty point - heart - liver is entered: This is called self-originating mind without supervision in mathematical theory of neural nets or Buddha mind. Even stronger that magic practice which implies a self and other is being magic itself.

The meditation is also called and practiced by NLP as reframing which is reconnecting the "tinker toys".

My principle reframing is synergizing science and all spiritual disciplines - traditions.


This is also the problem of the west as Marx is a western context. [Cambodian letter]

How Marx failed to fully analyze `materialism' as the adult child of the dysfunctional middle ages caring on the Constantine tradition of control by scarcity as merging and codependance - love. Marx did not consider the necessity of an integrated society with proper inner controls (Buddhist religion and meditation) and outer attitude of confronting - assimilating change (science), not just accepting -accommodating as wishing - waiting for the change to `go away'. The profound fragmentation of diversity which is not integrated in the psychic life as in the western split of religion (inner psychic life) and science (diversity and evolution - development - experimentation) spawned specific problems of life in the West that Marx began to address. But the very problem that he addressed dysfunctionally overwhelmed him and his followers by transforming his thought into an ideology instead of an experiment. This is psycho - logical in the face of ACODC (adult children of dysfunctional culture) which continues the tradition of using thought patterns for control and power. This happened to Freud, Jung Americanism, Communism, etc.. Analysis is the reassigning of labels which totally ignores the psychic structure , which in the case of Cambodia changed the reattunement of traditional values (which happened consciously aware - awake in Japanese culture of 1860-) into a runaway dysfunctional power manipulation, treating people like weeds and flowers.

Wasn't this mixed in with the Hiterliarian ideology of genetic purity? If so the psycho - logic of extermination becomes clear. The thought was that fault some how resided in genetics and family. Not seeing a systems approach. This clarifies the racial theories of the 1900's as a clear example of fusion of ACODC and science (allbeit, bad science) and their subsequent use by racists as continuation (passing it on) of dysfunction. Especially in the case of Jewish culture which has a unified psychic life and thus was easily able to assimilate the diversity of modern science, and conversely was impossible to control. The effect of the evolution of technology contraventionally ( intervenes in the psychic life to mold it in a certain way) moved American and Western culture to a closer resemblance ( congruent with) to Judaic Culture minus gOD (or goODd).

Self assertion as a tool is contradictory when the idea of having a self or soul is taboo.

Self defined as those mental and emotional internal structures which allow a being to participate in culture.

Marxists analysis of ideology applied to Buddhist assumptions about reality that are inferred from use of a technique.

Not to confuse Cambodian (spirit) accomplishments in peaceful living with totalitarian ideal. Because the viewpoint of a Cambodian does not include divisiveness does not imply that diversity is not needed. (The word chaos is not helpful). Seems Pol Pot expected mass following because of miss information about West and creativity used assertively. (need full personality profile and history).

The shared misunderstanding of Western culture as materialistic along with the basic background in self awareness contributed to revulsion at western culture's lack of respect of ones personal boundaries. The intrusiveness and shaming must have been intense. The anger produced was the first sign of health. The fury at being rejected by his people was further shame and usually develops into dysfunctional abuse. The peasants are not OK and must be forcefully changed was the incorrect conclusion. Marxists analysis that forceful overthrowal and dictatorship and education became abuse and revenge. (Didn't he admire Hitler?) Marxists analysis was incorrect as shown by simple competition and self initiative. What is correct is the analysis of mind as needing creativity and diversity, which the totalitarian dictatorship ignored. Support for all people's special contribution is necessary, so that there is not over emphasis on the importance of one area such that other areas cannot flourish ( cannot pay for if wealth accrues too much in one area, such as medicine or landlords or utilities or speculation)

The Buddhist technique of responsibility for ones inner states of mind is brilliant and no matter how badly it became distorted, produces lifestyles free of western style stress.

Communist Idea of changing the conditions of life and not just helplessly acceptance of traditional structures is also important. The union of these ideas is in calm working together for building a nation, using the inner traditional techniques, but discarding the Buddhist ideology. To say there is no self is a statement of freedom to create any self one chooses. This was the first action of my enlightenment. Here in America we say we can choose to do anything we set our mind on. We do not have to follow tradition of country, family, or anything outside ourselves. And we can join together to govern ourselves when that freedom is threatened. (And it is threatened by speculation and money power. The solution is to offer growth in other ways: instead of collecting money, creating what precious art money can buy).

Buddhist aversion and misunderstanding of passion, emotion, and creating a solution instead of using a technique:

The belief that internal upsets are bad and should be eliminated is setting up a self to watch over these and an ethic or morality. This is to constantly blame oneself or have self quilt (feel not OK) as the `bad guy'. When correctly practiced one loses codependance and outer events no longer result in being uncentered. One knows oneself and ones needs and how to meet those needs without blaming oneself or others. But when made into a ideology one creates cultural and also internalized guardians against the dreaded emotions. Emotions as wisdom and power. Mental thoughts, emotions, actions or any habit can become attached to or aversion from in a fixed way. This merging of self with an object or fragmenting of self in order to avoid the `bad' and thus limiting or reducing the scope of action is the real problem. Thus to confuse anger with aversion or love with clinging is the problem. This confusion is the poison of bewilderment and leads to vacillation and inaction. Desire and anger are proper and necessary to know ones boundaries and direction for growth. The technique for reducing inappropriateness or inelegance or for gaining skillfulness in situations as taught by Buddhist traditions can be respected and used in the development of the whole Cambodian society, But must never again be idologized as the `meaning of ones life activities'. People can reach the goals that emotion as the divine light reveals as their personal dance of life (fun, joy) with serenity, but serenity and inaction, changelessness are not the goal. IS not the first truth that life is change (chaos) and are not the developments of western culture about the structure of change. Then Cambodian culture is equipped to deal with change as long as they are not trying to make inner change the enemy.

Moslem position

is that emotion and self will are merged as lunar cycle. Western tradition is solar will from solar houses to construct ones self as willing life or control of life and this is codependent on `self' as a solution and then on competition or cooperative competition. Japan's solution is group activity as not codependent because of strong sense of private self beyond which others may not venture. Shaming others is strongest taboo, yet desire and anger are strengths with skill (as in bushido) The point is to not create a self censoring `self', but to allow spontaneous expression of feelings with full power respected. This is the `I' statements in 12 step context when skillful.]

[The alphabet of planetary elements including focused cycles of Saturn \ Jupiter in East or Uranus \ Neptune in West is the matrix of chaos from which cultures form themselves. It is not absolute that the planetary nodes fit the constellations fit the mind, but is only the west's creation of mind. Moslem culture use the lunar mansions in constellations as feeling - mind, etc.]

The American idea that the basest feelings and lowest common point is the beginning for self governing can be applied: not the elitist and intrusive, self blaming control oriented government. The checks and balances are that no one segment of culture will control others, either those whose creativity is mental, physical or sensational. The changes come from within and are changes of structure, not of working around bad structures with patches. (although this is not followed in some areas)


Science: I have been framing Buddhism as a scientific psychology,

which it is not in its traditional form. It arose at a time before the scientific method, and although it shares many of the characteristics of modern methods, the writings primarily addressed the need for healing and maturity as will as transcendence. It can be best characterized by Western categories as a University: a loosely connected group of schools, each with their own methods and curriculum, but without exclusiveness that has come to characterize Judaio-Christian and Islam attitudes. One of the Buddhas' is to test everything yourself: to take nothing by faith or on others authority. That is exactly what I have personally done with all traditional teachings, Western and Asian. My strongest aptitude was in science and mathematics, but I developed myself as a Classical Symphonic musician, and was practicing my profession, when at age 22 I had the first of many enlightenment experiences upon my first encounter with the Buddhist "Heart" Sutra. I have not "become a Buddhist" because I recognized that such a step was not in harmony with my enlightenment which introduced me to self originating mind which does not need or want supervision, even from others who may also be in touch with theirs. I then realized that my TASK was to bring congruence between science, "religious traditions" and realms of intelligence and spirit that are not accessible to science because of the conditions from which science arose at the Renaissance. There is a great split and war - enmity between science and any suggestion, let alone a theory that intelligence has a global - cosmic organization - structure.

On the side of science, I recognize it as a great spiritual power: it is built upon sharing of information, growth and openness, trust that the "world" is basically Mind, without being mystical. Science is experimental, not frozen in tradition and answers. The awareness of the importance of the importance of the correct question, and the mature attitude toward knowledge and the process of knowing equals the best Buddhist thinkers. But there is still a split between the objects of science and any application to ones' self: there are still discrete departmentalization between the humanist and "hard" sciences. Interdependence and cooperation as well as competition are important in the discovery process.

The name Buddhi refers to Mind that is enlightened.

This focus in and of itself shows where the strongest values and priorities reside. So why have all the emphasis come to represent an emotional focus, such as suffering, desire, right conduct, and compassion? The Buddhist traditional writings were translated by Western scholars with a bias built into their focus, namely, escape from Christianity. But their so-called objectivity did not escape from the major Western, Aristotelian system of classification, which is regarded in Asia as a hindrance. The classifications of Buddhism as a "religion" was made long before the rise of modern psychology of family systems and linguistics, so there was no way to "understand" Buddhist thought and Asian culture. Buddhist teaching starts at birth by Buddhist families which are very careful about shaming their children or instilling guilt. The children are taught to solve problems and to emulate the first of many great psychologists in so many areas. It really does a disservice to use any western word to label Buddhism as cognitive psychology, or any other healing art. Certainly I cannot find an idea of "unconscious" in Asian culture because there was no attempt at repression of children. So what is all this emphasis on the "goodness" of desirelessness?

Buddhism recognizes 3 major ways of dysfunctional relating to others and self called the three poisons of desire, aversion, and bewilderment. They are called poisons or toxins, not evil or bad. This is a simple and immediate cause and effect relationship, not having consequences for an immortal soul that will burn in hell forever. My translation of the meaning of these 3 poisons is from the work of Eric Bern of Transactional Analysis, especially the idea of NOT OK-ness. The Buddhist poison of desire produces craving, attachment, and addiction to a person, substance or thing which is more OK than myself. I give myself away, put myself in bondage to the object of "desire" I obsess over it. I am no longer important. This is not repression of feeling, because feeling is part of mind in the concept of heart - mind. This is not a suppression of goal oriented behavior, because will and action are one with consciousness. There is no suppression of desire creating subconscious desires, as in Western Culture, because there is no mind body split. When something cannot be done immediately, there is recognition of that, without childlike tantrums, because the act of patience is also an act of willingness and responsibility and acceptance of the structure of the situation. Patience does not become a control issue of holding back wild horses. There is recognition that in the proper time and place the mind and wild horses will act together. One is not mental sometimes and emotional - feeling at other times: the two act together. So the Western immaturity cannot find the feeling, because mature feeling is none other than wisdom!!!

the second Buddhist poison is aversion which I see as YOUR NOT OK-ness. The haughty, immodesty of judgment and blame. This goes to the point of immature thinking such as all or nothing ------

The legend of Buddha: Self originating Mind and neural nets.

This book looks at the Buddhist traditions in light of the construction of neural nets without supervision. The characteristics of these abstract mathematical objects which are presently successfully used in speech, written character and image recognition, as well as much new computer "smart" hardware and software. This is giving insights into possible brain organization, as well as for me, possible organization of groups of humans and human society. There are many intrinsic - structural reports in Buddhist writings which point to the personal experience of "Mind" as having two major divisions: neural nets with supervision and self-organizing neural nets without supervision which arrive at results along "chaotic" paths. The same results are arrived at by different humans at different times along different paths with unpredictable, nonlinear circumstances. The cultural, ordinary mind is trained, educated, supervised by family and schools by competition and the behavioral manipulation of reward - punishment. The characteristics of neural nets with these structures is predictable because of the stability of the training set. It would be easy to project these abstract structures onto humans, but for one major drawback: there is no adequate "scientific" way the brain can be configured to produce these nets. Since "supervised" learning obviously takes place in human groups, with and without the use of language, these network structures will be looked for as interpersonal connectivities. The group is primary in the development of the human cultural experience. That is the group is not made up of individuals as seems so obvious, but the individual "self" is a dysfunction of the group: a process of breakdown and fragmentation. The energy of human bonding to family and other groups at later developmental stages is "evidence" of these extra-personal networks and connections: at birth we are in a state of readiness to connect - bond and our brain does not complete its development until this bonding is complete.

The subsystems which connect with the group are non supervised unique individual collections of inter-personal neural nets. The experience of Buddhists and others that is refereed to as "enlightenment", I believe is a usually sudden or sometimes gradual turning away from this other-bonding to a intra personal awakening to the self originating non supervised functioning of our neural networks which are not connected with the person playing a role in a family structure since birth: the unborn, unoriginated ground of being which can construct any self or mind it chooses. The original human condition comes with no mind already formed, only with connectors and functions with which to build a mind, like a tinker-toy set.

The book will deal with a more precise description of neural nets, with an explanation of Buddhist experiences in these lights, with my personal account of my enlightenment experience, with the cultural differences of Western and Asian childrearing practices which have a bearing on our educational system and with language differences - how humans cut the pie of human experience so differently that word for word translations of the experience into different languages has so failed. I shall not necessarily devote separate chapters to each "topic", but I shall mix parts of each topic in each chapter, referring to the topic headings. The real mind is not so neat, orderly and leaner, but is circular and fuzzy, so I will treat it as such.

First, the Legend of the Buddha:

Buddha's birth was predicted by Astrologers.

The royal family into which he was born kept him from encountering "bad" experiences: He was sheltered, protected and in modern terms abused by denial of reality.

So when he was already developed, he stumbled onto the experiences of suffering and sorrow found in encountering death, disease, loss, old age ----. No wonder he had a self originated awakening to these things which turned around the conditioning of his family of origin.

Seeing that he had been deprived of contact with the "truth" of the world, how things really are, he set off on his own to check it out for himself.

For years he looked to others as teachers to reveal this truth to him, but all other paths failed.

But here is where his extraordinary qualities came to the front. In stead of believing something was wrong with him, he decided the "supervised by others" approach and all the diverse unique paths, as many as there were teachers, where leading him away from himself.

He sat down alone under the "famous" bodhi tree, and willed himself not to get up until ???

So finally he gave his self originating mind a chance to fit the pieces together for himself! And soon enough they did!

When the Buddha was born,

so goes the legion, He took seven steps, pointed with his left arm to heaven, and his right arm to earth, and said "Between heaven and earth, I am the most honored One!". This is not the image of the birth of Jesus in a manger, but of a toddler who's "birth" was the coming out of the womb of the family of origin and separating from mother with his first words, first steps and first self reflective thoughts. He announced his own new boundaries of heaven and earth, the common boundaries of every human. This birth at the bodhi tree, is called psychological second birth (or sometimes "coming out" of hiding) in the West.

The Buddhist traditions

now take over, and present the unique solutions that he started to come up with, like the 4 noble truths and 8 fold path as supervised training. Another Cultural artifact handed down and practiced without change be the unenlightened who believe that by practicing the "way of the Buddha" they to will achieve his enlightened state. And so it goes, around and around, following the outside traditional teaching without any "faith" in self originated mind! But this has been hashed and rehashed by each newly enlightened person when others try to make them teacher, guide, master, etc. Their shouts always push others away from bonding with them: the best teacher is no teacher.

This the teachings of the Buddha became institutionalized and incorporated in the social fabric of Asian culture: in child rearing practices and appropriate behaviors. For instance, causing others to be hurt or shamed is a personal "sin" to be avoided at all costs. Thus Asians will "lie" or anticipate others suffering and avoid openness and truth. This produces excellent results in children, and allows persons to develop at their own pace, and guilt is almost nonexistent. But it also creates stronger social bonds, harder to break in the enlightenment process of self discovery.

This book is about "mind", a word that does not exist in Asian cultures. The word that they use is best translated as will - mind awareness of feeling - heart. This heart-mind includes the structure of action as well as the intelligence - awareness and the prediction of the outcome of action that we call feeling - intuition. Many other words have different meanings: especially compassion and suffering. Compassion as a part of mind has empathy as the mental - intuitive aspect. We can put ourselves in the place of the other without mind reading, I share my own experience with the other as my empathy - even if it means admitting that I have no common experience. In sharing I am constructing understanding, not judgment or status. The heart - will aspect of compassion requires respect and discipline to not indulge in sympathy and benevolence, both of which imply a higher to lower judgment as pity. Further, sympathy allows the others burden to be taken on by myself, which further injures the other persons self reliance as well as implying that I will be responsible for another, which is impossible. I can be supportive and accepting, but I can only fix my own problems.

The first sermon of the Buddha

was the 4 noble truths. The first truth is called the "truth of suffering": the essentially problem of life is suffering - discontent. But suffering does not correctly characterize what is meant, which is dysfunction. Emotional dysfunction results in suffering, mental dysfunction results in dissatisfaction, and physical dysfunction results in various illnesses. The second truth is pinpointing the cause of suffering as attachment grasping, desire, which is bonding.

Suffering as deprivation of expectations that "wired" into our brain.

The `right brain' operates in space or environment as neural net representations of extended family, village and activities or skills, which are interconnections between the two. When there are no actual objects in ones environment that match these representations, a depravation state arises called anxiety - suffering, craving or stimulus hunger. (root of dependencies as substitute stimulus, i.e. DRUGS)


Music got so loud that we couldn't hear each other.

Thus we over do - [high is good - more is better] excess sound [drowning in sensation of sound] and become helpless to be interdependent. Thus we become dependent on signals - conductors for coordination and we only have our thoughts - and sometimes cannot even hear ourselves - be self aware - for feedback and adjustment: we are helpless when we drown in ego and sensation.

Thus we "need" ego - master!

This is model of child rearing practice of dependence on "training & habit"; and culture - which power became & is Science as Law, and such excess of information that no one can master it all or talk to it - beyond the scale of being human!!


School - culture and science is participating in a sea - ocean of facts which we are forced to store in our head as undigested - unassimilated; and which thwart communication and connection - but encouraged competition and evaluation and dependency on more facts packaged in consumer products which foster dependency and passivity, and put down self organization and wisdom. Just knowledge and manipulation.


Jazz is touching and talking.

Rock as snake is pure sensation! Thus very simple!

Heaps and skandhas:

Card Games and suits: in Buddhist psychology, the self is constructed of 5 "skandhas", which are form, feeling - sensation, perception - recognition, volition - patterns of reaction, and object consciousness. This object consciousness is primarily of categories bound by like and dislike. The word "skandha" means heap or stack, which implies sequences of similar experiences stacked - organized. The most primitive stacking is the organization by form. Frames and boundaries are connected as outlines of structure without content or meaning. The feeling can be attached, but also feelings have their own organization or stack that leads in different directions. These boundaries have threshold characteristics: when an event crosses a level of intensity or closeness or a piece of information that does not belong in our inner dictionary of acceptable - known experience, a trigger of arousal goes off which is organized around prior forms in similar situations. This is clearly needed for survival. But psychology in the West also shows us where hyper alertness can trigger defense reactions when only the form is present, as in the tone of voice or posture of another. Then we react not to a whole situation.

attachment & 3 poisons

This can be understood by the example of one who changes their opinions to please others or even what they think others want, or one who ignores all possibilities of success and blames others for their failures in order to keep their fixed views - organization. They have too few options, whereas the changeable one has no answers of their own. This condition must be differentiated from the cycle state of bewilderment, where too many answers are known with no good way to choose action without opposition.

The cycles themselves are not found in one place, but three simultaneously. This can never be decided as a single clear unequivocal meaning. Fuzziness is built into the system. But without this type of separately arriving at three or six solutions to every situation in the biology of vision, primates could not have color vision, since this process is to separate and determine the amount of three primary colors and then combine them into one "experience". This is a kind of color vision for the personally)

The third poison is bewilderment, which I call mystification and enmeshment

where I'M NOT OK and YOUR NOT OK. Here nothing happens, because no direction is OK. What happens is lots of thinking, worry, contemplation, justification, rationalization, rules and norms of conduct. No trust of my own mind, nor of the uniqueness of the situation. Therefore reduce it to a principle that can be applied without feeling for self or other. The first poison has no feeling - trust for self, and the second has no understanding, support, empathy or acceptance of others.

Not moralistic and evil.

3 forms of NOT OK-ness.

12 fold chain of origination and favored modes of input, inner representation and output.

A. Delusion; B. Greed; C. Hatred

1. Blind woman: 'ignorance'

2. Potter: 'karmic formations'

3. Monkey: 'consciousness'

4. Two men in a boat: 'mind-and-body'

5. House with six windows: 'six senses'

6. Pair of lovers: 'contact'

7- Arrow piercing eye of man: 'feeling'

8. Drinker, served by woman: 'thirst'

9. Man gathering fruit: 'clinging'

10. Sexual intercourse: 'becoming'

11. Woman giving birth; 'birth'

12. Man carrying corpse on his back: 'death'

> Space and distributed pattern: I am not in the realm of the hungry Ghosts,

but those areas of armor as cut off and defended - retreat from energy are in that realm as is the realm of Titans which is proactive armor - the sword and great achievements to appease the feeling of worthlessness and low esteem from group? This happened in Bass playing and from the "abuse - relationship" of music teachers like family. Going further, the realm of animals as mechanical routine and fragmentation - specialization with strong thick walls, especially in the operational behavior of science and behaviorists and University Industrial complex. The Heaven realm of pride is relaxed self assurance: [master of performance or creator - self originating?] The Hell realm is I'm not OK, Your Not OK.[?] Heaven = Both OK? Human realm is [?] development, tradition and family - sex? The next generation - children is the hope.

Thus I exits in all the realms and [?] have a different chart for each. Each is a different level of reality with different dynamics and personality.

Helping Rev. Minh Han with presentation

to visitors, explaining Bodhistava Dia Tang - Kshigarbha. Earth (Rescues persons from hell).

Earth - Storage-

Vow (resolve) of accepting and carrying everything like earth.

Cover - means is Global - (Whole thing) (Not fragmented)

Sentient beings have 6 path or realms.

Real is close in path

Atula or hero - related anger

Hungry ghost " craving

Hell " Depression

Animal " Hard work

Human " Sex

Good effect Good affect

God Heaven no problem Pride Leisure

Reward Good Manners

Have an image - picture

Fire = Anger

Water = Misery and Emotional problem

10 Benefits-

1. Land is fertile, neighborhood peaceful

2. Home peaceful

3. People go to heaven or death

4. Long life

5. Can achieve drive

6. No problem with fire and water

7. Healing of damage

8. No bad dreams not paranoid

9. Gods (spiritual being & Assistance support & protect)

10. Opportunity open up to work on good realm (to work on himself)

Just as the earth accepts men, animals, so does the Bodhisattva accept kinds of behavior with compassion and non discrimination.

Later at 3 PM.

Just as image of VN male is accepting, will accept any lie or untruthful or immoral action. And will ignore same because of vow. The left and right hand are also female and male models. This is a very no-critical model.

There is a solution

which is separation from the dysfunctional bonding and seeing that only I alone can face the suffering without the illusion of bonding. The suffering, uncertainty, sorrow, anger does not disappear: only the dysfunctional ways of dealing with it.

The 4th noble truth is the 8 fold path of skillful means and wisdom applied to the major areas of our lives. One step at a time to complete the unfinished business of childhood in my path to being a complete, real human being. As path, and steps there is a gradual advancement, development and progression. As steps and stages there is a sudden, discrete, quanta, quality as boundaries are established and crossed one at a time. As I let go of my Not OK-ness, I get in touch with my inner self originating mind. At first this mind reveals itself as a small child: a toddler of the terrible twos. I have separated from old acculturated, family of origin ways of behaving. There is no cultural structure to take it's place and I must provide and build those structures. I can then tread the path as teacher or as parent and look for a discipline which mirrors the qualities and acceptance that I need. Thus often the beginning stages of path look like an outside, imposed authoritarian establishment cookbook with all the answers. And sometimes I may get involved in just such organizations, especially when they duplicate some of the conditions of my family of origin that I have not yet let go of. I was fortunate to be guided to a teacher who didn't teach me anything, but modeled, showed and shared his life. He provided a frame inside of which I could assemble my fragmented pieces and discover and accept mySelf. Like a picture frame with no discernible picture inside, but I suspect that something is there, or why would there be a frame? At first I polish and control, but that only seems to make the hardened shit shinny. And this ""modern abstract work of art" can be sold to others. Then, since my dysfunctional ways are still in place, I try the "fire method" of intensity and excitement - stress. Then I can bake the new accretions onto the old surface. We they get hard enough and curl at the edges with problems, they will drop away on their own, if I quit trying to patch them back on. Finally a beautiful picture of me emerges, and I go around showing everyone, trying to get the self acceptance that I never got from family from others. It's me looking at the picture, and the picture is looking at the world. But then someone acknowledges and accepts me, and I wake up to not needing the picture anymore, and turn to face the world directly.

8 fold path

was only those things that became "dysfunctional codependent" at that time of cultural development in 500 BC.

Livelihood which did not become ones identity - self.

Action: human being, not human doing

Understanding as empathy, not restriction.

Thought with all senses and as landscape - surface. not from a subject - object.

Speech of listening.

Effort that does not try.

Mindfulness without vigilance.

Ignorance is the essence of concentration.

Truth of solution and path : extinguish attachment and identification with control and manipulation. "there is no path, no meditation ..."

Understanding the connections and integrating ones private and public or social self brings 'true' peace, strength and will power. False strengthening of repressive internal control can only result in sickness or worse projection on family or society of this root of violence. First we must give up (or "abstain from" said Walters) control. This is not easy since we don't even know where and what control is! ... We think we are making mistakes, when the perception is the interruption of the process of development. We believe most of all that if we stop controlling we will lose it. We will fall apart, when actually we are already apart and will more likely experience a new unity, a falling together.

The further consequences of fragmentation are boredom and 'habit'. Imposing will successfully results in learned tasks becoming automatic, done seemingly without conscious thought or attention. We 'lose' interest. This is also a result of fragmentation, for those parts of ourselves never participated in the process, so why should they find any interest in it now? So part of giving up control is allowing yourself to regain interest in life. Finding new connections and viewpoints with parts of your daily routine. Imbuing them with feeling, energy and spontaneity: PLAY or EXPERIMENTATION.

It is exciting to find cause and effect where before you saw fate and resignation; thinking that your life is only an accident with no solution. The first step of the scientific method is observation without interference. Ask yourself how things got that way, and allow yourself to see and feel and hear what happens. So in these classes we start with some part of yourself and provide you with tools for analyses of the connections to the whole, not with ready made answers or meanings. We do not read charts for you, but allow you to reveal those meanings for yourself, with our respect and support. This first stage is designed to reveal the extent and nature of our forcing of control and self manipulation; and to admit to ourselves that it fails and leaves us helpless. This is accomplished by our own examination and feelings. We freely admit our dysfunction and its history.

The second step is to gain a glimpse of the power of our inner unity, for everyone has times of the experiencing of this 'higher power' when we far outdid our expectations, when we felt a connection to a greater whole. Our classes will support this by providing a clearer understanding of consciousness and by showing how to further apply the tools learned in the first step.

In the third step we will start the process of trusting ourselves in letting go of control in our lives. Tools for doing this in a controlled setting without fear of falling apart are plentiful. We will continue to deepen the experiences of the first two steps.

The next step is one of growth and development. When we begin to realize our own uniqueness, we begin to see to true nature of what we previously termed our shortcomings. These in effect are easily discarded because they are no longer needed as solutions or they are re-owned as inverted parts of previously repressed parts of ourselves now being integrated into a unified self.

Nirvana as unaltered, original heart - mind,

clear of accretions and responding in the here and now.

Bi-polar activity and 6 realms. catharsis of objects and personal styles. Heaven and hell are continuously entered and left.

Environment quality levels and accretions - creative realm.

Biology and tone scale - reactions of sympathetic and parasympathetic. Integrated movement and common - ordinary mind is nirvana.


Mind projected: all we see is mind, concepts, labels, thoughts and catharsis trance transference of inner structures upon the culture. Selection and mental filters. Kelly and NLP and mirroring

Consciousness itself: - action skills and wisdom feelings.

Meditation of no thought, no cognition of Naropa. Mind in its self originating state.

< SO THE THREE DHARMAKAYA: are they related to heliocentric only?


< Faster is Narrow - and outer planets are high energy by Distance - [concentrated?] and narrow channel - narrow information and Thus is more expert - more detail & fragmented.


perihelion chart of reality, not appearance of higher - lower.


<Art / spiritual is absolute as perihelions as absolute space / time and connectivity - bonding - Dharmakaya. The nodes are the relative positional hierarchical competitive. I operate with such functional, but I can choose to not extend - project my internal function to my environment, except my personal environment. This is the place where I find my boundaries, and do not join in others projections and all or nothing [cleansing] structures.

<Pchart: how the situations [tarot number cards or arcane?] are self-organized, transformed and reframed into a model which embodies - incarnates all the energies of "input" into an "output".

Centering as SUCHNESS.

Everything is SUCHNESS, unique and belonging to unique situations

The making of concepts and categories is considered a judgment to be avoided. Everything is SUCHNESS, unique and belonging to unique situations with unique ancestors as chains of cause and effect. Therefore every human problem has unique individual solutions and structures. Avoidance arises when I believe I am better than, more perfect, rather than unique. Change is part of everything, so solutions also change. Disgust and revolution are feelings that are supported by mind which does not ignore and avoid awareness of a situation, thus firm boundaries can be established based on respect and understanding. Self protection is to not become involved in unpleasant situations, not in needing to judge the situation as not OK.

<Buddhist obedience

is my reference as reframing - Change & new frame of reference for my life is obeying my inner nature- Buddha nature.

Transcendental compassion

goes beyond limits. It is global =-> transcendental. It goes beyond irritation and defense of irritation. Strong full stimuli are irritating, too much intensity, too much complexity: so human personality is a filter to reduce the complexity, to lower the intensity - to make "things" manageable - easy to manipulate and control. Human culture loses the strength of feeling and sensation, animal and reptilian brain, to control. The effect of a crowd - mob "mentality" is permission to connect with full human strength, no matter what the doctrine. In fact, the less thought involved, the greater the power - energy.

So compassion is going beyond the irritating quality of complete energy by accepting it - embracing it and communicating with it. Listening as well as being open.

[Buddhist section:

One new model of the nature of Time

as an instantaneous energy field with density structure developed by the Russian Astrophysicist N. A. Kozyrev wit be introduced. This model was ignored by the Western Establishment, but the Soviet government created a large secret research facility for continuation of this work. It provides a possible rational explanation for magic and psychic phenomena as well as 2,000 year old Buddhist - Taoist philosophy of sunyata - emptiness and the holographic nature of reality. Science doesn't even acknowledge the existence of mind, much less show any possibility of MIND ONLY as many in all cultures have suggested over the centuries. There is a difference between recognizing science on its terms and using assimilating science from a broader perspective: from a meta-physics.


The time field is denser near the cause point, and thinner near the effect point. It can't be shielded like the electromagnetic field. This is primarily the realm of Chi. In other words, Chi has to do more with time than with space. Things happen in this field instantaneously. There was no propagation. Here the preciseness of what Kordzierev was saying, and what is verified by other mystics, etc. That there's a density of this time field around a effect space, and a sparseness, thinness, around the cause. As synaptic micro-events happen, a change of density takes place that would interact as an interference pattern in holographic "mind". Thus "mind" is taking place in the time field with the "physical world" being the hardware generator. This is a new direction for research.

> Spirit: all words in me are alive and are powerful.

[this is the "pagan" and mantra message, procedure. Mantras are nonsense because they must be personal - not borrowed or shared or previously confined / ignorance structures as cultural language words. Spirit is the intelligence - reality - communication of the "words" as dimension and as mystery - fuzzy.

>The BAMs are set up by the time stream, where each moment has a complete holographic representation plus the operators analysis [the set of procedures deemed possible] as solution set of the 5 skandhas. The BAMs first level is analysis of disparity or novelty as changes in two patterns. So the interference pattern is in time, with the previous moment being the coherent source!!

Buddhist non-injury or no abuse when enforced becomes abuse. Force when increases beyond human feelings becomes politics. They are like chaos and determinism, with the understanding of the arising sustaining, and decay of these repressed. Without understanding of this process additional processes are created to avoid these avoidances. [ignore ignorance]

The 4 noble truths and 8 fold path is also the basis of science in a modified way, they don't include morality.




new name for 34: as overpower[?] and overwhelm[?] NO

or networking - participation.

"great" as in 34 great power is global - small is local - personal.

23 as fragmentation[?]

28 as extreme

36 darkening of the light as injury, abuse, not able to know, hiding, denial - ignore[?]

12 Detachment - separation (from mother) Space, nonattachment, open a gap, analysis (7th house), bad, stagnation, differentiation.

7th house as marriage is really a reflection of 1st house in female - flip chart: woman that is wedded to man as marriage of opposite charts.

1st house is also separate - differentiation of woman as female 7th house. This can be higher or lower - i.e. deep in 1st or 2nd house from inner impulse of muse-female chart.

Thus 12 [hex] is label of bad - splitting of objects - not object constancy. Thus one moves toward independence - or is attacked - criticized if without real separation - like "kicked out of the nest" - "get real" get your own life" "I need my own space"

Non dependence - not merged - no fusion

23 fragmentation - Making into Name & Form - Normalization which is collapse of process & unity.

Science, method and Self.

The tape given me

has the technique, but the substance has created a self to deal with a self and is totally entropic in its impact on Western mind. It is a curious exercise in futility creating only accommodation and passive aggressive behaviors!

I would like to include some of my findings about one of the central issues raised by that video: what is the cause of suffering. I propose that grasping or `lust after the senses' or thirst, desire, greed, craving (tanha) is only a symptom of a basic derivation and abuse of the mind - brain caused by acculturation. The development of culture and language requires the inhibition and dominance of the `lower - older midbrain' and its intelligence, which appear as emotion and feeling. Thus, in learning to live in our root culture humans literally starve this `inner child' of normal expression and acknowledgment that the solutions arrived at by this area of our beings is also `intelligence', not some evil `lust' which causes our suffering. The result of this ignoring of ones own `Buddha nature' is that that part of us attaches itself to any input available, like a starving man. The solution to starvation is to give with kindness fully nourishing food that is appropriate to the real need, not to kill (extinguish, cessation, Tanhakkhaya) the patient! Dealing with the real needs is fully dealt with in the study of family systems as I introduced you to in the works of John Bradshaw.

Certainly, this is a human `problem', and I fully understand that other cultures where Buddhism is the principle `religion' have handled this problem differently (Japan). Nor do I in any way disparage the accomplishments of any culture: we are all human and only human. I repeat that I wish that the skills that have been acquired by Buddhists monks by made available to all of mankind. I would personally be overjoyed if a dialogue could be opened between myself and anyone who wishes to share those skills with me. I have shared freely to the point that I felt I was being received as an IMPOSING SELF - SEEKER.

I have included some of my thoughts in the spirit of sharing. Share them with who you will.

Scientific method

Result in psychology of TORI

Levels of environmental quality and 6 realms and Tone scale

The Buddhist view of everyday life as suffering

is best understood by the many people who alter their consciousness upon waking in the morning by using coffee or other stimulants. My life needs altering before I am ready to face the world, and my simple consciousness is not functional enough. This everyday world and my all the internal messages, plus the backlog of unfinished business - incomplete development stages, ungreived sorrows is like a cesspool out of which arises the lotus flower of an alert activity oriented consciousness. This driven consciousness continues until various forms of exhaustion set in and I am right back where I started from. This cyclical process is called Samsara, and perfect freedom, liberation, and salvation is called nirvana. This last term is well known in the west as a goal of the "saintly" life: The Webester Dictionary defines nirvana as "the dying out of the heart of passion, hatred and delusion. This emancipation involves a beatific spiritual condition, and freedom from the necessity of future transmigration." and " Oblivion to care, pain, or external reality." The "dying out of passion" etc. are the dying out of the three poisons. The beatific condition refers to delight in every moment and self acceptance on a deep level, including the pain, anger, love - bonding feelings which are allowed to come and go as clouds and the sun do their dance.

The end to transmigration usually refers to death and rebirth in other realms, in Buddhism 6 environmental quality levels of heaven, hell, humans, heroes, addicts, and animals. The last refers to the repetitive trained routined, unthinking static quality of humans that leads people to come to believe in a unchanging character structure which can be accurately described by traits. Here the person backs away from intensity into a controllable weak low energy lifestyle where change is feared.

Heaven is where everything is seen thru rose colored glasses, one denies evil and avoids unpleasantness. Enough control is possible of self to allow growth and success in life. Good "luck" and fortune seem to be attracted like a magnet, and one is proud: one takes credit for accomplishment and fights off there birth in other realms by being active. These realms are actually with me all the time. I am "born" in them and die as quickly as a reaction to a "bad" driver.

Spiritual progress is getting in touch

- dialogue - intimate with these unfinished pieces and fragments! This is the completion of the PATH.