Synopsis or abstract for each chapter. Table of detail contents. Introduction.

Model and paradigm applied to individual context. This may be a last chapter with the details of levels of resolution and resonance in this chapter.

Chakras and nodes: competition in spiritual development.

Myths of going to other levels of resolution: Moon as death and rebirth / resurrection on a new level since each month the moon is reborn in a different nodal context in the next sign. Is this the origin of progressed charts?

>Examples chapter of my model showing solutions. Development / path on rules to allow correct and respectful connections and bonding without abuse, shame, "for your own good" as narcissism and merging / fusion / grasping.

Charts of myself and others and the application of the model and reframing!

Levels of resolution

What each level shows or is able to gather like a TV screen or a sieve. Other metaphors. Skills versus. rulers and rules! Fate versus. learning. Rulers implies that certain levels of resolution must come up or produce a defined set / partition of rules. This can be related to "archetypes of the collective unconscious" as a supporting and first formulation. It then relates to psychic needs and deprivation by not making those needs available. Freedom and chaos and independence and individuation.

Music as levels of resolution within process and fractal generators. Thus certain levels of resolution produce styles of music and complexity. It is no accident that rock-and-roll developed when it did in the face of the emergence of SR behavior modification in school systems. A real first level of resolution.

Details of levels of resolution: Planets

Inner planets as spanning 1+ deg refer to larger projects \ goals. Thus Taurus to Libra wont be bothered by details. Mer. done before noon, Venus before 5, moon as 2 hr as coffee breaks. Venus overlap of degree as identification, possession of next degree. thus, attachment. Positive is metal cutting away excess, freeing oneself, giving room. thus in 7th house, Venus is overlapping, possessing others.

outer planets as before want more detail. Done tomorrow 2

next week 6, two weeks 12, one month 30, 3 mon etc.

B. level of resolution as TOLERANCES

1 closeness to perfection \ rightness

2 number of categories into which class is divided

Data windows refer to the relationships / ratios of cycles to each other. These ratios also represent degrees of freedom. How many datums are factored into choices. Ratio of depth / number of moments to width as detail. Size of internal lists \ stacks \ heaps. Thus:

1. day to year (in the sight of god), maps of life, fate, karma, path, steps, road, all things in time.

2. 1 year to 2 yr. joy / sad, knowledge of good and evil, either or, black / white, opposites attract / repel, only, majority rules. KEEP ON WITH ALL EXAMPLES & EXPANSIONS TO NEXT CYCLES.

3. 1 to 12, maturity, peer group choice, democracy, education till puberty, reading writing, with it, style, leader.

4. 1 to 30: law, rational thought, autocratic, higher education - high school.

5 1 to 84: technology, applied science, professional (needs graduate school) macho, individuation, alone, unusual, different, unique, beyond, hero

6 1 to 165 (180-150): theoretical, mystic, pure science, socialism, Freudian analysis & 12 step groups = drugs, altered states, heaven - hell.

7. 1 to 260 (240-280): conception, savior, TV, airplane, grand unified theory, Buddha.

8. 3 to 2: holding on, letting go, possession / possessed, self / other projection, identification / symbiosis.

9. 4 to 1: fear courage, Attachment, fusion, confusion.

10. 12 to 1: reaction, (from oldest stablest procedures), emotional, response & INFLUENCED BY GROUP / ENVIRONMENT. Hunter gatherer.

{The idea of 'Windows' refers to the act of perception being momentary. We jump object between objects of interest while skipping or ignoring the 'betweenness' of the background. The background \ foreground is exactly the shape of interest, attention, windows and moments: the shape of time. We may continue a task for months; organizing all other activities around the completion of this goal. This becomes a single 'moment' of a long window. I previously referred to windows within the context of stream of consciousness and the nature of mind or thought processes. Here windows is within the context of activity organizing principles. Like Pearl Harbor which was a moment of ~280 days. This includes the planing, preparations, and operation. The salient point is that the moment has a start state and follows the fractal shape of that tunnel as window.

We create our doingness reality from windows; blindly following the path or fate contained in the shape of the start state. We ignore any other windows by relegation - mapping them to the status of background. Thus one window becomes operator. This process is the generator of what we call personality.

The features of shapes is produced by the ratios with other windows and intersections of windows as catastrophes. These sudden changes for good or bad (catastrophes) come in varieties and are one of the newest mathematical studies. There are attractors as stable points where one can get unexpectedly stuck. There are saddle points where one can be stuck in one 'direction' and 'fall' to lower basins in perpendicular directions or like mountain ridges, one can move forward or up in one direction and fall in other directions. The features associated with shapes in different spaces have long been a part of human cultures Namely:

1. earth or mountain as folded sheets ( 2 dimensions) within three dimensions

2. air as three dimensions plus a fraction for the weather, with pushing currents in all directions. The flight of birds is an example. This space is for man imaginary or mental and relies upon getting others into the same space as in advertising and insubstantiality (clouds that are here today & gone tomorrow). Another example is fashion or the weather.

3. water as ocean or streams with water falls and chasms. (2 obviously differing spaces only differentiated in Chinese culture as the I Ching trigrams. The space is actually four dimensional for oceans since the variations of fluid viscosity is a fourth degree of freedom and the variations of flow for rivers. dimensional for rivers.

4 fire is one dimensional or less ( since one is consumed by fire arriving at an approximate point as a lump) within three dimensions. this approaches a vector rather than a line since it only has one direction: up.

5. wood as in trees is sometimes used but is a fractal between 1 & 2 dimensions with all the branching

6. metal can be used as rational thought as it is never fractional as rough but being smooth represents civilized shapes like circles and squares and cones which are imaginary even if they are approximation of 'natural' processes which are really described by chaos. As an aside the making of tools for plowing and war signaled the beginning of what we call civilization, and I call fragmentation, and the imaginary concepts of 'God'. The nature of metal is to cut thus fragmenting a tree into a house, chairs, bowls and fragments our systemic internal representations of a complete reality into 'things' and 'objects of thought' of which I count God and soul or self. Metal as surface, where reflection is the only operation as a function (not as a dimension).

Is Mars [all or nothing] as the emergency strength of connectivity weights passed on to Jupiter ranking of 12 to 1 rational setting which gives it a two dimensional solution? Humans speak of "quieting the mind" as a victim or prey becomes invisible when it becomes immovable!

In Saturn - 3 Dim, humans can manipulate and arrange 2 D sets of scenarios - models. Each level of resolution is one level above the previous. The 10 for Saturn is the 10 sets of 3 points, where it takes 3 points to handle each energy surface. Each energy surface is a complete drama. So Saturn is our handling of these dramas like putting them as pages in a book. Thus when this is done without the presence of higher dimensions, the dramas are arranged into a story - "fate" - play. One metaphor is the movements of a symphony. Another is the subplots of a novel, where a short story is one Jupiter drama. Thus each 2D Jupiter is a connected energy surface of the characters in the drams, and the strength of connection is measured by Mars, the kind of bonding by Venus, and the alternatives by Mercury and the action by the moon and the label - identification - location / association [0D] with the Sun / earth. Then is the type and/or quality of drama given by the sign and the dynamic process by the I Ching?

TA. is another way of arranging the 2D surfaces made up of Jupiter ego states and Mars transactions. Here the strength of transaction and the identification of the path from which inner ego state to which outer / other state is structured. Then a game might be an organization many surfaces over time, and is the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. The ego states is identified by the star of David structure between Mars and Jupiter. Thus each planet pair has a fuzzy Star of David between them showing the oppositional, conjunctive bonds!. The relationship is the procedures as a cellular automata. So is mars the resistor, Venus and mercury the capacitor, and Jupiter as 2D the transistor, since a 3 way connection defines an energy surface and a switching device? Thus Jupiter is the basic choice - search, and Saturn is the first level of resonance between choices to form computational circuits.

>The levels of resolution may also refer to competitive models

and their number and scope: Mars is two models made at two years old. A yes - go, and a NO - stop. These models are mode for both sides, thus there is a right handed yes and a left handed yes etc. These are action models of each situation. The consciousness of the situation must contain these end points of one dimension. The zero dimension of forms, locations, essence [as Platonic forms] labels is not organized in what could be seen as "space". In one dimension these "points" are expanded into a distance are "separated" into two end points labeled good - bad by one system and go - stop by another. But the structure is really a line or path consisting of numbers of connections of inhibitor or reinforcer signals.

The next level is of twelve types of competitive models.

Here reality can be organized into two dimensional behavior sheets - surfaces that belong to the community and to language, and not primarily to the individual. Resonance, as mirroring, assigns which "persona" "belongs" to the person and how they interact with other parts

<Demons and other realms are really fuzzy levels of resolution. I observed an expression on the VCR that was of low quality which had transformed a beautiful woman's face into a demon caused by the loss of resolution.

<Levels of resolution with outer planets as spiritual relates to greater levels of detail. Thus mars is a duality and Saturn gives more substance, and is thus earth as fine grain. Mars is the fire that splits and consumes detail and quality of outer planets in/with opinions .

<Lattices and trees are fuzzy structures, with more than one connectivity. The ">" and "<" of rank are the operators!! This plugs into the nodal - tropical system. The other operators are the topological "close" and "far" weights as perihelions. The momentum - intrinsic operator is the phase[?] space of holographical interaction[?]

level of resolution: division of work

Culture deals with how self reliant human groups became interdependent: dividing tasks performed by everyone into fragments that are distributed as "work". Astrology is a model of how things are divided and who gets what. This process has many levels of detail called "levels of resolution" or "how big is my byte". Since each planet occupies a larger orbit, each succeeding planet takes more units of time to traverse a unit of space. This "divides" a unit of space into finer and finer measures. This fractal structure is very common and easy to understand. My common experience of everyday life is divided into chunks that I can manipulate with my hands: cups, books, computer keyboards, chairs; and into things I handle with my feet and body: doorways, rooms, stairs streets etc. This is the everyday level of resolution represented by the sun, moon and orientation of the earth of up - down, and horizons (called the 12 houses where our connections to ordinary life are made) If I focus on any one object, I have already engaged a level of resolution of like / dislike - similar / dissimilar.(mars) The next level of resolution is the "story" or information about the objects' behavior and use to me: what I "do" with it. (Jupiter) If I continue, I can become aware of the dimension of time: the history of the object and my level of skill over time in using it. (Saturn). Next I may focus on how the object is made and how all the various "experts" put it together, or I may examine it with other tools at increasing fundamental levels of assembly such as its electrical and chemical characteristics or its mass and mechanical physics. ( Uranus). Then I may focus on the global theories of "matter" or the ecological impact in energy use or psychological skills necessary to reflect on what I am doing related to my entire being. (Neptune and Pluto and other "Fuzzy systems")

Another view of levels of resolution is how humans handle light. Black & white provide sensitivity to movement and provide direct access the fight / flight sympathetic nervous system. This "either it is moving or it cannot be seen" relates to Mars: (a 2 to 1 ratio) which is a pivotal focus in tour chart - linking the conception and birth chart. Color vision relates to a finer level of resolution. This also relates to the twelve tones distinguishable in a octave. When percent is used, the common divisions of grades emerges as the division of school age peer groups: A - B - C etc. are separated by 1\12. (Jupiter). Saturn resolves at the level of 27 - 36 letters and a sense of the continuity of color hues connecting the primaries. This is a level of structure and error as near misses. (humans tend to "remember" a particular color and see variations as misses or errors.)

So what's the problem? It is that these levels of resolution are not applied to their correct "objects": an illustration is a land surveyor who would try to determine a boundary to millimeters, or a surgeon using a jackhammer or any of the art of the "Three stoooooges".


Belief is a strange word. Mars

It implies to me a All-nothing position, which cannot be subtle or have any "quality". It becomes organized under the Mars cycle, which is the smallest - grossest, level of resolution. It also implies material whose source originated outside as an influence. One of the clear statements of Buddha and science is to not believe anything, but to test everything. This of course does not apply to normal activities, where the level of all-nothing does apply, such as abusive behavior, or at stoplights and other life-death situations where clear-cut boundaries are needed. So the belief structure has subtlety, but beliefs are about black-white boundaries. What is presented here is not the beliefs of Buddhists, but sharing of their experience within a broad context. When this material is taken out of context and put into Western ideas of philosophical and religious beliefs, it sounds nihilistic [pessimistic: nothing exists], but when it is approached from modern cognitive psychology and neural net theory, it is far beyond the scope of anything yet produced in science.

Salt between chlorine and sodium is strongly bonded like mars:

one truth and only are truth or like mercury: strong bond. and fear - courage punishment - sanction. Wood is not even an element in the west thus truth like a tree is not understood. Truth cannot be fuzzy with many branches.

S.A. means N. Nets-

I think of firing of or activity as information beyond a steady state.

The information corresponds to changes for the input and environment - including the Global environment. This is a frequency - cyclical environment of Time. And a phase environment of quality - fuzziness. The steady state are mind - what is (wisdom). Connectives and procedures which are ready as background. The foreground is the "activity" of adjustment (good & bad) which is also refereed to as dissatisfaction.

Fuzzy System and Language- Threshold of a sound. Interpretation takes place by getting it within a tolerance. It is a flow and tune and history (sequence) is a context.


Arrow and Baseball are Areas of Scope of earth in projection

Codependency Transferred [Transferring ] ones earth to another.

My metaphor of baseball etc. is and could be constructed as NLP META Fairy tale

We humans start out in the Center of Sun and are pushed Away - to form a person of our sign. At birth - being at the Center Heliocentric is Garden of Eden

>>>The touch - feel - tactile sense and sight become merged as if tough was seeing and sight could feel , connect.


>Hearing is connected to the startle - sympathetic,

->Vision is connected to conscious[?]

>touch to the context - touch starved - to the endoderm[?] Feeling guts

mercury as Gemini: Excitement as in salt

" Virgo: boring

so mercury is Bi polar in NS nodes

N. node mars: connection to language and knowledge facts.

mercury as 4 to 1 level resolutions (very variables) is specified attachment to tolerance.

Not Afraid - person is of the energy parameter surface as a solution. The education: training in form cookbook


Thus mercury is hex #16 Enthusiasm

. Air Gemini as hot air. Virgo earth as nothing exciting.

Mercury: I'm OK your OK

Mercury: Projections and fantasies of unfinished business

Mercury: level of resolution goes thru entire degree before single completion by sun or mars.

Mercury: Games because they are Form.

strict only rules.

Mercury: Competitive learning. Gemini

Mercury: Gives up power and fragmenting. Jupiter : Resolution and meditation first level

Saturn: situation.

Jupiter/Saturn = I Ching.

Jupiter: = Hunter who waits and test and concentrates.

Levels of resolution also realms also music media as string quartets, solo sonata etc.

romantic concerto


opera - etc.

Mercury: as hell

Venus: as not enough - hunger

left over-

attachment as co-dependency and hunger.

What is in it in a nut shell is only a SHELL.

Hello? From Ego

Mercury: Newspapers 4 questions why - what - where - when.

So four questions of Life.

Mercury: Shallow is why. What to do why did you do it when where.

Mercury: IS sex and enjoyment.

Does Mercury substitute any of 4 images in a fuzzy way? Is the overlap a fuzzy function; but also the basis of association, and fusion - confusion. As well as Venus? The curvature of orbit suggests "very bent out of shape" as fear and courage as a forceful straitening. The other house positions suggest discomfort [disease] and work as a fusion with others, as does the 3rd house sense of teamwork and the fusion of the "gang" and my territory as "neighborHOOD" and travel around the hood. It suggests imitation as learning by supervision, where 5th house is self originated!!!


VENUS: IS Gotta have it. Go it!

VENUS Projects parts of self on each or other. That complete another -

competition comes from MAPS TO THE OUTSIDE EXTRA 1 1/2.

VENUS: I cannot be complete

fractal way maps to maze of trail of incompletions.

< For me. I need to mourn anything that has not been completed. Not finished.

VENUS I plus 1/2 of other - not complete

- - Yin separate.

VENUS give up power to other

give me part of

Mercury expects/sees 4 views or 3 or 5.

Mercury Slowest is 2.8 (3') Middles 4,6'

Fast 6.3' 6.5 13 in two days.

Mercury II I'm OK - your OK? (Peer) trust.

in virgo: I'm not OK your OK .

in Sagittarius: I'm OK your not OK.

in Pisces I'm not OK your not OK: 12 house fuck-up - 6th house sick. no confidence.

maybe nodes are OK corral:

N. node: I'm OK your OK

MC. of node: I'm OK your not OK

S. node: I'm not OK your not OK

IC. of node: I'm not OK your OK

mercury: opinions - Image to form an opinion recognize as label address -


facts - information know what to enjoy what should and support to do

Venus = merge with - dependent- craving

attach ones energy

movement is proportion of day and night - sleep.

Moon: Fully giving up ones power accommodative Thus is most fate aspect.

Venus: function:

Attachment or readiness to receive. IN STAR

Shades: holding on, letting go.

Grief, relief, freedom, tolerance

// inverse function as paranoia, expecting the worst when the best is about to happen.


The next dimension as 2 is Jupiter and entails the number of "events" that can be held on a 2 dimensional bent sheet.


Saturn as three has a density of 29 and four dimensions has the Uranus properties of 84 - 90 events for each point in that dimension. Each dimension as enfolded or finer that the last is computational and holds - assembles the next one.

2 dimensions calculate the left - right brain and left right maps of logic. It comes from the reptilian calculations. The wholeness of 3 dimensions comes from the triangle rotated of the interaction of Saturn and Jupiter. This 3 dim. is a loss of 300 deg surround vision of 2 sides and creates depth of space, color and time. Again time is not separate, nor is other things.

Third level at Saturn brings a depth and the possibility of control by operations such as rotation, translation and other geometry.


Uranus as competence, perfection, great effort - the titans. The great inhibitor, the large - global problem. Transformed it is skillful means to solve problems, the methodology, the system, experiment. Thus Geri's T sq. with Uranus in Aries -

The next level is controlled by Uranus

and necessarily heliocentric because the far planets are not "visible". It may be the 1,000 which controls the 360 deg. of Saturn counting with days of the Sun at 29.

Maybe the cognitive systems of the older brain is geocentric with "Sun" as zero dimension embedded in a coordinate system, and of the human brain as heliocentric counting from Mercury as 3 or Venus? Anyway, this would involve an "open" architecture like 68xxx and RISC CPU chips, and the old brain would be xxx86 of Intel as layered - segmented.

The box counting method of determining fractal dimensions may be organized by levels of resolution to provide indexes at each level which identify words, pictures, etc. by levels of complexity and deviation - variety.

The pieces and scales may be a procedure for creating higher level structures / attractors, but does not seem to fit the mechanism of perception. Insofar as thought is perception this may be the case.

The compass angle and step size looks possible as phase angle and level of resolution.


>new group arose starting with the discovery of Uranus, News, public domain as power. First landowners, next Neptune

Statement of Mickey Ronny: "I belong to the "public" the public made me who I am!". A new group arose starting with the discovery of Uranus, News, public domain as power. First landowners, next Neptune and the proletariat and their connections - family, Next Pluto and Stars and international. This is a new connectivity of Chakras from the top three Chakras? Or bottom? This inversion may apply to front and back. That the dumo and renmo are different Chakras rulers? Much of this is throat - gossip connected to 2nd pleasure = gossip and passtimes.

Neptune is problem solving with nursing (with Saturn in Cap. as doctors and nurturing as Jup. in Cancer etc.) My big problems come at work as Artist - musician, but not as Computer programmer, where I work at home.

Saturn as rules, thinking, planing and autocratic. By the numbers. Quality and the lessor inhibition. Establishing a home.



moon is source of our response of accommodation and helplessness

to the removal & thwarting of our needs & initiative -(with me moon conj. Uranus as Crazy - weird)

The nurturing of the moon is the Accommodation of others to our needs - as a response - to reduce Tension - Not as Assertive Warmth [Love]

>Love as warmth - Touching - Sun - Hello is God is Love - Perihelion. INvolvement Closeness bonding Trusting Christ and Aphelion as Mind Abstract - Perspective of distance - removal Detached - Non-attachment.


Mind and Buddha


How are the resolution levels related to Kock Qi/reptilian: want everything; nothing is enough; one thing is enough etc.

Thus Function: Will, decisiveness as a dimension. Out star. output?

comes in shades of fear - courage.

Are the other levels of resolution involved?

Even smell processes fear as an intensity.

Is this incompleteness - fragmentariness from Venus, mercury and moon?

As mercury it could be 4 pictures held in front of eyes[?] and with moon 12? The positive aspect is multiprocessing and neg. scatteredness. Thus the wanting of Venus, the "reminds me of" for moon and "messages" of fear courage- looking in all directions of mercury.

Sun / earth

What are planets? - as dynamics.-

heliocentric Sun - and evolution

basic foundation. Being! - not social labels. perihelions

Mercury: Fear courage, will

by 3 (Unit 29). Going towards away and sideways.

expectations and predictions?

all animals

salt - high bonds-hydrogen

Venus [8 fold path?]

Grief - Avoidance of grief and suffering

Attachment and non-attachment

bonds and breaking bonds: betrayal

expectations and predictions

earth 12 as everyday occurrences and complete acts

mars 23 neocortex and language?

asteroids 60 and fragmentation; formation of emergent fractal?

Jupiter 144 (each 12 X 12) next dimension as surface of social system

Saturn 360 can divide into degrees

reptilian brain?

Focus on Venus and Taurus era (Scorpio as separation. Was Buddha message all about Venus as morning star (devil - Buddha's enlightenment)

Venus maps to Suffering because of attachment.

mars as cutting thru attachment in Aires as end era. Thus end of Aires era was Buddha where Aires and sun was solution and 8 fold path of healing Venus was attachment and beside mercury Gemini: avoidance

mars as Scorpio was rejection - avoidance and annihilation (ethnic cleansing)

sun as Leo at rising was be responsible only for oneself. Saturn sun in Aquarius was rejection of philosophy and bewilderment

Aires was fire: cutting away, win or lose

right 8 path.

The Pisces era stood beside Aires and rejected Dualism for science multi logic and fuzzy.

Jupiter or social nets were solution -

Pisces: personal psychology of self - independence.

Eros: The last 2,000 years were and are about co-operation independence

Virgo: business. mercury: materialism was Neg. of mercury in Virgo

Gemini - Marriage and personal relationship of other half was solution

Sagittarius: Imperialism was south node.

Now Aquarius standing beside Pisces.

Taurus: Creativity.

Leo Person alone is anti hero.

Scorpio: as hate is bad.

So Meaning of Venus is attachment:

Sorrow suffering loss and curing this with beauty.

Libra: People should be beautiful.

Taurus: Things should be beautiful possessions.

Eros: The last 2,000 years were and are about co-operation independence

Virgo: business. mercury: materialism was Neg. of mercury in Virgo

Gemini - Marriage and personal relationship of other half was solution

Sagittarius: Imperialism was south node.

Now Aquarius standing beside Pisces.

Taurus: Creativity.

Leo Person alone is anti hero.

Scorpio: as hate is bad.

So Meaning of Venus is attachment:

Sorrow suffering loss and curing this with beauty.

Libra: People should be beautiful.

Taurus: Things should be beautiful possessions.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn to others is 1 = creative - together - all yang and the opposition is Yin - separate. These cycles relate to perihelions, being, not to good - evil, higher - lower of the nodes.


Star as fuzzy system vrs. monotheistic investment in finding "THE TRUTH"

Nodes and rankings of competitive models: good and bad "fate".

Meanings of planets, houses and signs new and old:


<The nodes are cycles of tension release - bio-energetic, of hierarchy & competition and duality. The tension & rise of tension of confrontation. The coming together of Yin and Yang infers the presence of Opposites. Thus if all parts are simultaneous there is no tension as an energy. Energy implies a difference of related [polar] states as in physics - there must be a circuit and a difference of potential for work to be done.

This is a lack or absence of something - for humans is it strokes - touching? for animals is it food?

< So far a nondual close - far authentic sense of thing - suchness - uniqueness


The nodes are for sidereal competitive and the toddler-

Hello is perihelion

The mask - Armor - isolation of self is Tropical - A world apart - bystander.


Rulers and fourier series.

Resonance and aspects

Planets as data spaces:

How much to hold, how far can go: boundary.

Scale: how much attachment to; mars by 2 to Pluto by 260

Reverse action is gestalt (whole picture) mars sees whole picture in 2 days, thus faster; moon in two hrs., mer. in 6 hrs.

ruler as parent: should do, nurturing executor,

nurturing as tropical,

critical parent as constellations or detriment? or detriment as witch messages i.e. to fail

placidues as hearing

campanus as sight, boss, visual not sequential; thus not fate

equal house as rational, digital.


Sq.: are control cycle - balance

Op. are cancel[?] distance awareness?

Trine are Nurturing Amplification cooperation

Sixtile Support - nurturing

Conjunct bonding[?]


Charts & Karma - Drives - Fate - Samsara as result of childhood birth trauma.

Needs Normal Positions

Mars in Aries Yes - want - going toward

" Scorpio No -dislike Aversion Not

" Libra Balance my needs with others

" Taurus Accommodate - passive aggressive

So in child is most often thwarted to mars

- Not to have our own thoughts & opinions - needs etc.

Cancer - narcissistic mother

Leo " father

Capricorn " culture

Is Mars bonding to rebellion: as flipping black to white: so Venus mars as strength of bonding to likes - dislikes; Venus Jupiter as bonding to competition - ranking judgment - ranking of value. Venus Saturn as strength of bonding to world of thought - quality - value - fixing Beneficent and advisory level?

Mercury mars as bonding to winning loosing - high energy and self esteem with games and strategy?

Moon as related to other planets as looking for support outside: interdepending? Is moon as related to 12 meridian hours of the day as snake arousal energy.?!

If so then moon becomes exact trine to sun in my chart during KIDNEY, GB? trine Neptune, and backwards: lung as Saturn, Uranus as TW?, Venus as KIDNEY, mercury / Pluto T sq. at Heart? S Intestine? or spleen? REDO CHART FOR MOON IN MERIDIANS

Is mars or Venus or both narcissism? or moon?

If Venus, mercury, moon is bonding; then Venus is other half, mercury is ??, and moon may be narcissism - looking for self in whatever?!?


>The mercury op. Pluto maps to important things about others!

Pluto is high news & large catastrophes: EXCITEMENT

mercury in Capricorn: as I'm ? OK is near S. node of I'm not OK and collapse of 23 hex.

>energy profile related to planets & house cusps - & also to sign cusps

>like the U of C professor Maddi energy description of personality.


Action / actor versus Semantics - Meaning

. As French person on tape:

mars related to Saturn - are self or others matching laws and rules. Thus sign can be environmental and constellation - hereditary.

Thus my mars is Capricorn / Aquarius rules and fits Aries as 3rd house!

Mars in Cap - are application of rules.

Scorpio is what not to do i.e. stop control (10th house).

Houses, signs, aspects and planets as enmeshed energy focus.


>Work: the avoidance and denial of one's real "feelings" and perceptions in order to accomplish anothers goal. This is a subservient to other and background to another. Thus in the 6th house The person is ignored. Is no more important that a memory, is part of the furniture or workings of, gears of a clock: just tell me what time it is.


The original meaning of the houses arose because of the need to answer those questions, not because that is all there is to the houses or their basic meaning.


Aspects on 1 8 93: I saw sex as means of stopping - draining - stuffing into sea of culture Honey Samsara-: Feelings - If energy level got any higher one could feel the suffering - pain - loneliness.

Thus I am willing to experience new levels of strength - Energy & my pain & Joy Anger - Delight - Uniqueness

The stuffing of intimate feelings comes from my mercury op. Pluto.

My way - The stuffing is relationship of personal planets mer - Venus sun moon mars with society planets: Jup - Sat & especially H, N, an PL.

Science plays Heavenly Father Uranus: I don't need to be the son.

different nodes and what they tell us.

N.NETS require several hierarchical layers: and the layering principle is naturally given by the layers of nodes and perihelions, maybe singly, or mixed. Thus the "rulers" are the start layer!! The types of nets can be determined or chosen by the 1st layer[?]. This can also refer to layers as lines of the I Ching and harmony in music? The input and output are words and the cyclical element is the operator[??]. The number of elements in the net is the size of the house[???]

Different dimensions of I Ching and planets in each.

Cantor dust powers and hypercubes:

Fractals: If levels are cantor dust as generating dimensions, then:

Mars is power set of 2

Jupiter is power set of 12? or power set of 3 as 4 sets of "surfaces" of 3 "locations" as maybe the elements? Or 4 PACs [parent, adult, child of TA] of self / other with each being front and back. This would also be Adam and Eve with two sides each.

Saturn as power set of 4? 4 "global" points in 7 or 8 layers / 3D surfaces.

If this is framed as hierarchical subsystems, then for the "animal" layer power sets of 2 may be the organizing principle, and additional organization is between and among. The move to neocortex may be an evolution which uses power sets of 3 as 2D surfaces in 3D space.

Is Mercury Play? As 4 time over duplication, it is re-creation and practice, the game. And Mars is the win lose, rule of the duplication of a situation.


Affine transformations in fractals retain same shape:- affinity and resonance

Shrink, grow, spin, skew, squash, stretch are traditionally made along the X,Y axis which is enlarged, shrunk, rotated, translated, which changes the geometry of the surface. Thus the points have the same location but the underlying geometry changes.

In N.nets the shape is the answer or input or output, and the coordinate system is the connectivity of the space:- fully or partially connected. Thus changing the weights changes the geometry and changes the force or the activity of the space.

These affine transformations are like the variant locations that Jupiter and Saturn occupy every 60 years.

<<Symmetry and the way in which structures build themselves simultaneously from top-down and bottom-up:

The power sets are the raw material that is self organized. The obvious structures that emerge are scaled and fractal. This can also be described as fuzzy. The scaling can proceed in both directions: by using any pattern as a template for enlarge and/or reduce transforms. Each pattern is represented with line, color or surface that is iterated at a different "angle". This process in logic structures can be a fuzzy or partial dimension coordinate: instead of 90deg. some fuzzy rotation is used. This is seen in the cyclical elements of the I Ching. The way the patterns of the next higher dimension continue to build is by resonance, where 1-0-0 [thunder] is resonant with 19 hex as 1-1-0-0-0-0 an expansion or multiplication[?]. [would 1-0-0-0 be an addition?]. At any point the successive scales could be a reduction by adding a lesser dimension resonant: 1-1-0-0 -> 1-1-0 or 1-0-0. Thus the 4 space of orbital valance may be resonant with the 3 space of quarks. here the electron charge is seen as right handed and the proton charge is left handed, not positive and negative as is assumed by ordinary counting mathematics.

ccc11 The handed - symmetrical numbers or states and fuzzy numbers in between is what reality uses in its structures, not the infinite counting numbers.

Thus the imaginary numbers never come into existence because of the paradox of bivalent logic of infinite number systems which don't have existence in reality. The dimensional relationships of electricity and magnetism may arise naturally as a consequence of left/right states and resonance. Thus the electron shells may be of dimension 2up8 instead of 2up4! This needs visual representation!


Thus hydrogen is water 0-1-0 and helium is fire [complete as model of 63 hex] as 1-0-1. Thus hydrogen dimension bonds with single protons as attractor states of quarks and with sodium and chlorine, and He bonds with the complete shell, with the 2 valance, three and four as fuzzy logics[?] The next bond is with 10 as the states of 2up5. Does 2up5 bond with molecules in the earlier shells? seems more with 6 again of 2up3.

><[Later] After research: the second electron orbital is composed of a duplication of the H - He pair followed by 6 pairs with left and right "spin" handedness. The dimension doubling of 2up3 to 2up6 includes 2up5 and 2up7 as fractal - fuzzy emergent dimensions. Thus 2up6 is the "governing" dimension for molecules!?[?], and is duplicated on all scales!

The excited states are the messengers?

ccc12 difficult to explain here!!

The full dimensional state is a total "Adam", and one line is a thought that is a moving line leading to the next situation, [as in the I Ching] and as such is a slice of the whole. The whole is motion -/ felt cognitive awareness. The single line is the "motivation" of some action as a transition between states.

Do we bond to our "chart at birth the same way "animals", especially birds and reptiles, bond to the first "object". Is this general bonding due to the premature birth of humans? To the undeveloped brain structures of human memory, so that these structures are captures in the reptilian, chemical memory.

One mind as inside by language making human culture possible.


Global - cosmic orientation.

When approaching science, the attitude is that the material is too difficult and useless. There is no expected connection with everyday life, business, or personal relations. Yet the personal data, feelings and level of interests is contained in these "cosmic" structures. Personal freedom and independent requires the effort of removing entanglements with others or with cultural and cosmic bias which lead to dependency on "Fate" and a predetermined "future".

Modern science uses the new words: "Dimension, Data processing, Geometry of dimensions, Neural networks, Self organization, General systems, Family systems, Business systems" and so on. The words that are going out of style are "Force, action at a distance, influence, Truth, mechanics, particles". Forces like gravity and light are now seen as ripples or crumples - distortions in the fabric of space and time. The separate forces of our ordinary world are but the geometry of higher dimensions. Yet, in all this exciting new unity, is their any mention of "mind" or intelligence or connectedness. I base my model of our connection and personal involvement with the cosmos on a basic structure of the solutions or answers or calculations we make in life and how they are connected with the shared brain of human culture. The Sun is the origin of naive, simple conclusions - solutions arrived from our self organization without outside influence. Mars and the outer planets connects us with dividing the world into boundaries: self/other, inner/outer worlds, or grades of performance, or depth of concern. Venus and the inner planets connect us with conditionals like "If/then", "because", "depending on", if its "safe / normal" or "dangerous / unknown".


Moral behavior (8 fold path & 6 realms) necessary[?] planets included!

The connectivity system of society does not create good natural selection? Moral behavior of correct choice (correct or skillful 8 fold path) is necessary. (Liberations not correct). Mental illness and anti-social psychopathic behavior - or distortion of "Central" image - schizophrenic paranoia of animal achievement realm) are results of connectedness pattern. The 3 types of mental illness are:

1) Heaven - Hell as bipolar

2) Human - hungry Ghost as ingestion - attraction addictions.

3) Achievement - Competition and compulsion retentive.

Anal hero - animal

Saturn is too small - addictions stomach spleen

Jupiter is power - hero choices

mars is routine

Venus is love - human, lung, breast

correct elimination LI control

mercury is energy - hell depression negative, bladder

Greatness could be shape of energy surface as 6 realms

diagram of 6 realms.

In social spaces mapped from a global frame of reference:

1. the front is the sign and the back the constellation.

2. The sides are the male / female gender persona "charts".

3. The moons and planetary nodes are the up / down - higher / lower rankings. They relate to the Chakras or environmental quality levels when combined with the dimensions of the planets.

a. zero to .5 dimension is to keep or control the "place" or location or label. Autocratic. Sun/moon. Touch and smell?

b. One dimension is to control the ranking relationship of better / worse. Peer group? Mars. hearing?

c. Two dimension is to control the interactions and procedures - data communication flow. competition? Family structures? Jupiter. "reptilian - predator" vision?

d. Three dimension is to control the participation? resonance? Social and cultural structures. Saturn. Depth vision?

e. four dimension is to control the global points or geometry / framework resulting in control of the forces / intensities / peace - stress? Religious structures? Rotations, stretch etc. of coordinate surfaces?

f. Four or five dimension is to control the emergence organic structure? Evolution? spiritual?

historical? Change of structures? Neptune. Attractor patterns / full dimensional catastrophe structure?

4. The near / far, close - personal / distant - impersonal dimension relates to the perihelions and operates in all three of the other dimensions. It also can be labeled as close at hand and can be manipulated / gathered, and far away which must be stalked - hunted - pursued. This may be a relation between touch and sight with hearing left and right in the middle. OR with touch as closest, smell at 60 and 300 deg., hearing at 90 and 270 deg., reptilian sight at 120 and 240 degrees, and 3 dimensional binocular vision at 180 degrees. This would relate to the unity of perception and its primacy as pre-awareness in experience. Thus the perihelion must be ignored or OVERlooked, until general systems such as NLP arose to provide a social map for the place of the senses in basins of attraction.

This self organization of computational space is into personal, social, and cultural dimensions. Each new dimension opens up within the previous dimension, and gives clearer orientation to the previous dimension. Thus a Zero there is only one thing or person at the center of everything else, and only labels exist. At one dimension, there are only operational definitions. At two there are maps and terraces - landscapes of danger and pleasure. Gardens and game fields. Floor plans and arrangements. School rooms and houses. The school room has a dunce corner and other "special" locations. A person can be at a location, whereas in zero dimensions a person "IS" a location. This is a model of contamination. In three dimensions a person can be on several "floors" at once, in several houses at once.

<The organization of American culture is based on first cause self-organization followed by rule based non flexible continuation. If you don't get it right the first time, you don't get another chance. This implies that change of behavior is difficult and not expected and that creative adaptation is suppressed


All these are energy surfaces of neural networks that are cultural maps in a meta-space over the Qi chart.

The energy "surface" is like a viscous liquid, such as mud or honey, where different areas or regions have different properties of viscosity.

Thus movement can be at different "speeds", but the main "force" is gravity. This is a continual falling thru an endless "sea" of honey, bumping into other objects, sometimes connecting, and sometimes separating. The paths or connectives are the "tubes" of thin - watered honey, and falling down those preset paths seems like a "fate" or "destiny". Individuals are like miniature universes which model the outside, with a wall and inner structure of dense honey and "threads" of less dense connections which have their own special spin and "gravity directions". At birth we are "light" and rise, but culture trains us to give up our expansiveness self originatedness and contract into dense "selves" which begin to fall into greater and greater regions of density until they merge with this culture mass unmoving thickness which has a movement of its own. This is a kind of death sleep long before the "real" physical death. The more we give up the stickiness, clinging bonding honey and transform me into regions of movement, which can only be accomplished by becoming less dense, The more we can move about freely. We become less involved with other cultural tradition originated messages and learn to integrate to self originatedness of those messages: to remember (put together their original self originated mind in our present context)

The training - Supervised Neural Net is in Pattern of One's Sign : for Carol- Your a Libra so act like one- Others are trained in their respective signs.

So Astrology as now understood is a Group process of influence from family and culture.

This is the Cultural Persona - not any free unique Person. Thus our standard Astrological self is the minima energy surface.


Different charts separated by 12 hexs:

Thus consistent from the point of view of



self sidereal - campanus : Self and business

7th enemies etc.

12th screwed up

other contra [flip] 12 hr 1st as both?

Fate personality

tropical possession - home - wife - boss


Asc. = identify: what in think of myself; signature. first impressions starts as attack & ascending nodes. also 12th house

dec. falling disappearing, loosing, over finish decay, rejected hostile bad choices made when tired. disengage

M.C. sustained action, continuity, long haul, keeping the faith

I.C. relaxed rest

Sun : action doing, will power, what I do, will of god, conception.

progressed sun : what I learned to do.

Moon how I react likes dislikes; constellations: hunter gather

heavenly yang as constellations: assimilations, yin earth: accommodation

Birthday of country USA or new years or Buddhas' as consciousness of people.

Meaning of houses: mercury in 12th

Fear is a hindrance and hang-up idea that fear will be ones undoing

2ndFear of money

Fear is money

Fear creates money

Fear of loss of possession

6. New Astrology as complete information:


Dynamic process system of elements

Four basic dynamics have been identified in traditional Astrology:

fire, air, water and earth. In modern scientific terms they can be relabled as excitement or rising energy [fire], energies [air], falling - withdrawing - downward - retreating - separating [water] energies, and stable - ground state - relaxed - resting. [earth].

These cycles can manifest as center or bonded together - united - attached - fused - resonant state, as oppositional bonded - competitional - aversion - adversarial - object [ional], or as balanced - non decisive - middle - confusion bewilderment.

These dynamics and cycles have qualities as normal, changeable and fixed which is the quality of dependency or stability - ignorance. This can be understood by the example of one who changes their opinions to please others or even what they think others want, or one who ignores all possibilities of success and blames others for their failures in order to keep their fixed views - organization. They have too few options, whereas the changeable one has no answers of their own. This condition must be differentiated from the cycle state of bewilderment, where too many answers are known with no good way to choose action without opposition.


Self organization in charts:

Self organization in Astrology charts: The planet shows the time / quality frame for organization. Thus the moon is the shortest time of one month. As My woman friend said: "... Then next month you will come back to want more, something else, each month ...". Mars in the 7th house sees black and white, so it is easy to find something to cross the boarder / boundary of yes to NO; of OK to NOT OK since there is the 50% excited state for Mars. Now the charts can make sense as bonding / mammal / emotional self organization. These structures are non-verbal: no voices come out of the woodwork to tell us of this structure and its needs.

With My woman friend's T sq. to the moon, she organizes those houses / life experiences on a short term - low level trust of men and Mercury -/ fear and extreme Father as Uranus. She is immobilized by going in either direction. This results from the oppositional bonding of the T sq. which is seemed to be held together by the focal planet. The expectation is that any emotion is extreme and not in her best interest: she fears and expects any opposition to be extreme and difficult. Without taking sides she can operate in the ground state and clearly see both sides / separate data.

In my case, I create short term action of extreme nature to avoid fear mercury and extremes [more extreme / intense] Pluto reaction from others? So I bottom out / as 3rd - 4th house, or push forward as Taurus - Aries?

Is the return to ground / home state as all Yin not allowed? So we look for excitement or arousal or "interests". because we cannot handle the emptiness / nothingness of ground, and call it depression! Put "bad" labels on it, especially when it involves activity / moon.


Reptilian chart as complete energy that is broken down into a moment of birth as a symbolic representation.


>The difference between Qi chart and house chart as catastrophe structure?:

My woman friend's daughter just goes off onto a lower sheet / surface without any "event". Due to the exact confluence of her charts and the high activation levels, she may not need intervening "drama". Others need to be going thru a drama to get at these feelings that are forbidden. Since "pretend" or "control" are not wanted, they must express those feelings and organizations.?!? When humans create 2 D surfaces of behavior, their collision lines are house cusps? Could the houses be like feeling states, some in here-and-now, some in the past as described by TA as rackets: inferiorities in the 6th, self feelings in the 12th? Then the kind of feeling or procedure or future think - anticipation / expectation is fully charted!


Mammal gender charts of left and right. New meanings of houses.


>If the male persona Ideal is based on the full opposition aspect of Jupiter Saturn and the female persona on the conjunction, then humans are made in the image of heaven [gOD], as well as the other structures as embodiements of the cosmos!


<I can see the older culture which made up young persons mind for them in arranged marriages, or where community approval was important, in that atmosphere mars defined as malefic, because personal likes and dislikes were not allowed. Thus people would rebel when mars was not resonant with the family. Did this acceptance of misalignment result in a trade off of Scorpio punishment of the innocent woman because the man did not get his "way"? And that was acceptable because small hurts are more acceptable that the large hurt of breakup of a family, and for a woman to be rejected. Also Saturn as love was a great malefic as J. Campbell saw in the man who threw away everything in order to achieve a Great "love"? In effect "follow your bliss" was and maybe still is a malefic act. But this is only obvious in a situation where ones bliss has become dysfunctional in the case of incest victims.


<Flip chart: Understanding of this function as a local, concrete procedures orientation.

The "birth time" chart is the global - general cultural rules - orientation. This became associated with the male orientation - attitude, as the concrete - day to day operation and organization of "the home and private life" became associated with the female. [with my moon - Uranus at the MC and Scorpio at the IC and Leo - Lazy Sun rising, I have a weak attitude toward global organization in plans and consistent actions extended beyond one day.]

>This may be the link to research about left-right brain functions.

> the local function is presented as a sit-com or soap opera: it is Drama! The memory is for specifics, and situations.

> Alternatives: in the "fused" single chart, Gemini, Cancer and Leo [as having Fun] is the local as well as the IC. Also, tropical is local and sidereal is Global. Inner planets local & outer global. The other major polarity is self and environment - other[s].This extends to Self, inner child, ego, reptilian brain -arousal, and "Mind" - Spirit. [at each of the 5 bodies?]

> Thus, I have the most conflicting attitudes between my flip Leo vrs. the serious global Capricorn or dynamic Sag.

> regular astrology is Local, and tries to make local relationships into global rules. [Is This the all or nothing competitive nets? or is the global position the result of the competitive inhibition?]

> Thus my misfit with astrology and inhibited competitive, which is a mis-resonance

>Two pendulums try to synchronize by resonance, as do the left-right, so when there is no resonance within, other half is projected, and matched by sex and marriage.

<Self and other - as - environment, can also be mismatched. Each element of the environment is coupled with a "self" function- procedure. When this bond is not a polarity, one could experience the environment acting as self, as-if the right - left brain got switched only on specific items. [schizophrenia?]


Each house is like a clock of a computer that is set for noon, but keeps time from the time appropriate to that house. i.e. the clocks are started at different times but never changed from noon. And they run at different speeds at virtual day and night. Yet always complete 24 hrs. in 24 hrs.!


>does each angle have a procedure when actions or objects are ranked their [ at that angle?] Thus each house is or has procedures for that ranking, depending on how much control is needed. 10th house needs major control; and being at home uses least control.

<7th house synthesis as peace and struggle: coming together

1st house as separation and judgment [hex 12] labeling and thinking - analysis

1st hex creative is coming together - assimilation integration = 4th?

receptive is pulling apart = 10th? Accommodate to stress and the dangerous other.

So I Ching is astrological, not labels: dynamic, not static.

Diagram of houses with hex 12 rising, 2 at mc, 11 at dec, 1 at IC

<So I Ching as Labels can fit 4 orientations:

I Male pattern

11 rising 1st house [ I'm OK]

1 MC

12 7th [ they're Not OK]

2 IC

I Adapted child pattern

11 rising 1st house [ I'm OK]

2 MC

12 7th [ They're Not OK]

1 IC

I Woman pattern

12 rising 1st house [ I'm Not OK]

1 MC

11 7th

2 IC

I Adapt to home but likes adventure pattern

12 rising 1st house [ I'm Not OK]

1 MC

11 7th

2 IC


Noon. The anima chart is also a result of the earth as opp. from the sun a fusion of this "female" earth position. With the anima or inner muse which wants to show up the path to the center.

< The mother may determine which ascendant one has for ones' shoulds and oughts. The father also: by aspect with moving the planets heliocentric or by aspects! I feel my identification with the 12 hr charts is as the training and shoulds & is my classical music.

Grammar - non-attachment - emotion - living in the NOW with no expectations nor fixed accepted (regrets) of the past. Feelings as estimator of outcast of future. With emphasis on no (false) hopes or expectations. And not dwelling on the past. And simplicity as an ideal i.e., greater complexity does not solve problems. These as reflected in language. The Grammars do not have such complex constitution. Thus the suffering of the three times are extinguished - not connected. tools don't exist. Don't make a mistake of I feel miserable therefore I AM a miserable person.

Front and back energies and rotations of symmetry. New meanings of Signs and constellations.


< Can the sidereal be the `male' as adult after puberty. Thus the crisis of male - men's groups is not knowing who we are as constellations adult and independent - self originating?. We continue with the tropical earth or with the traditional meanings given and determined by others: the neonatal, supervised.

Thus I need to create a meaning set for all the midpoints related to function. This is fairly clear for Jupiter-Saturn, as family energy surface and Uranus-Neptune as the cultural energy surface, and Venus-mars as male female energy surface. [peer group? as maybe mercury - Venus energy surface]


<The heliocentric is relational, and connectivities - distances, which are nets. The connection of perihelions in 4 dimensions is reincarnation: connection with past consciousness.


my chart

<My switch is sun conj. Jupiter, sq. Neptune & sat., Jupiter trine Saturn & Pluto 60 nep. & mars opp. Pluto

And what about outer planets being in sidereal?

<Sunday as Sabbath and first day relates to Pisces sidereal as first constellation of 24, and Aries as first tropical sign.